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  • is a cloud-based file hosting provider that offers online remote storage backup capacity, downloading tools, and sophisticated uploading.
  • With this service, you can host flash, audio, videos, images, and files in the same space.
  • The platform does not allow other users to access the files you’ve uploaded unless you send a link to them. This ensures your files are not viewed by unauthorized people.
  • You can upload all kinds of files on this platform except nudes, pornographic content, or any offensive or copyrighted material.
  • The best part is that the site allows you to access your files, documents, videos, etc from any device – computers, mobile phone, laptop, tablet, virtually anything you can connect to the internet. This means you can use the platform while on the go
  • is one of the most reliable and safest hosting providers because the uploaded data is encrypted.
  • If you want to delete a file you just loaded, provides a Delete Link for that purpose. The link appears immediately after the upload is completed.
  • If you lose the removal code, then you’ll have to wait until the file is automatically deleted from the system upon the expiry of the allowed duration.
  • does not allow hotlinking on any kind of files on their servers.
  • The platform has configured its system to function with and verify your current system and tools with no problems.
  • It offers a big storage capacity, especially if you upgrade to the premium option.
  • Its innovative synchronization and cutting edge security make it easy and safe to access your loaded videos, documents, files, etc. Wherever you are.
  • You can use for off-site backup purposes because it offers secured remote storage capacity.
  • It is easy to use, and it ensures that any data you upload can not be compromised.
  • Sharing of accounts is strictly forbidden on this platform.
  • has three types of users: The free users, registered users, and premium users.
  • As a free user, you may experience a delay of 60 seconds between your downloads, and your files will be deleted seven days after you made the last download.
  • As a registered user, you’ll enjoy a maximum upload file size of 102.4 GB and storage space of 500 GB. You’ll experience a delay of 30 seconds between downloads, and your files will remain in the system for 45 days after the last download, after which they will be deleted. Premium Account Benefits premium features
  • With premium, you’ll enjoy unlimited storage space – you will be able to upload as many files as you wish
  • FTP, web, and remote URL upload supported
  • Supports third party download accelerators
  • Download resume – in case your download gets interrupted for any reason, it will start from where it was when you get online
  • No download delay – upload as many files as you want and there will be no delay between uploads.
  • No download captcha – you’ll simply log in and start downloading your files on the site. This will help save on time, hence improving your overral experience.
  • No advertisements – premium allows you to upload and download files smoothly with no interference from ads like those witnesses in other subscription options.
  • You get to enjoy extended storage period – your uploaded files will stay in the system for up to 90 days after the last download.
  • Detailed sales and downloads stats – you will get to access all the data pertaining your account activity to help improve your performance on the site

Want to try Premium? Check out the website here Premium Prices price
  • To become a premium member, the amount you pay will depend on how long you want to enjoy the services.
  • The options available are $19.95 for 30 days, $29.95 for 60 days, $39.95 for 90 days, $69.95 for 180 days, and $99.95 for 365 days.
  • You can also purchase extra traffic at the rate of $5.00 for 10 GB, $9.00 for 50 GB, or $13.00 for 100 GB.
  • The available payment methods include Credit card, PayPal, Crypto, Gift Cards, PaySafeCard, Sofortuberweisung, Sofort Banking, and Perfect Money. How to Earn money

  • The platform provides earn opportunities to its members
  • You simply need to use your blogs, sites, or other resources to promote  and earn.
  • Share your interesting and most captivating files on the platform and earn for all premium sales on your files.
  • pays 50% commission on every rebills and sales.
  • If you own a website, you can earn up to 15% on all subscriptions sold through your website even if you are not the one who has made the sales.
  • affiliate program can be used by all registered members on the site.
  • Payouts made three times every week to any payment system.
  • is working with no holds of your money.

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