Buyvirt:1Gbps large bandwidth VPS for only $6/ month, KVM

Buyvirt, a brand new VPS merchant. Buyvirt mainly provides VPS in Hong Kong, the Netherlands and the United States (Ashburn), which are divided into openvz and KVM, as well as managed VPS. They promised a 7-day refund guarantee.

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20% discount coupon code: BV2019 (permanent discount)

Test IP:

OVZ, 1Gbps bandwidth with one IPv4

256M  1.6GHz   5G    200G   $5.2/month
512M   2.0GHz   7G   400G   $10/ month
1G         3.0GHz   15G   600G  $18/month
2g2 * 3.0ghz 30g800g $26/month
4g3 * 3.0ghz 60g2000g $34/month

KVM, 1Gbps bandwidth with one IPv4

256m1.6ghz 5g300g $6/month
512 512M 2.0GHz 7G 400G $12.5//month
1G 3.0GHz 15G 600G $20.5//month
2g2 * 2G 2*3.0GHz 30G 800G $29.5//month
4g3 * 4G 3*3.0GHz 60G 2000G $56.5//month

Gcorelabs: Polish KVM Virtual VPS, 200Mbps, Unlimited Traffic

Gcorelabs recently added a Polish (Warsaw) data center to their VPS business, which is still KVM virtual, SSD raid only, 200Mbps bandwidth, unlimited traffic, with a minimum of 3.25 euros per month! If you have a special interest in Poland VPS, you can consider buying it. After all, this price, this configuration, especially unlimited traffic, is still hard to find! Gcorelabs is still quite famous and has many businesses. There should be nothing to worry about!

Official website:
Test IP:

Local distribution: VPS in Poland (Warsaw), Russia (Khabarovsk, Moscow), South Korea (Seoul), Luxembourg, Netherlands (Amsterdam), United States (Miami, Chicago, Santa Clara), Brazil (Sao Paulo), Australia (Sydney), Japan (Tokyo).

KVM, 200Mbps bandwidth, unlimited traffic, with 1 IPv4 (add 2 Euros for each)+1 IPv6 (add 0.16 Euros for each)

Plan 1:

Vcpu: 1x, ram: 512mb HDD: 20gb SSD, 3.25 EUR/ month

VCPU: 1X, RAM: 1GB HDD: 30GB SSD, 4.95 EUR/ month

Vcpu: 2x, ram: 2gb HDD: 50gb SSD, 8.99 EUR/ month

Vcpu: 2x, ram: 4gb HDD: 100gb SSD, 14.99 EUR/ month

VCPU: 2x, RAM: 8GB HDD: 200GB SSD, 25.00 EUR/ month

Plan 2:

VCPU: 7X, RAM: 16GB HDD: 400GB SSD, 36.00 EUR/ month

VCPU: 8X, RAM: 32GB HDD: 600GB SSD, 60.00 EUR/ month

VCPU: 4X, RAM: 4GB, HDD:100GB SSD, 22.00 EUR/ month

VCPU: 4X, RAM: 8GB, HDD:200GB SSD, 33.00 EUR/ month

Vcpu:: 6x, RAM: 6GB, HDD:200GB SSD, 35.00 EUR/ month

Vcpu: 6x, RAM: 8GB, HDD:400GB SSD, 39.00 EUR/ month

Vcpu: 8x, RAM: 16GB, HDD:400GB SSD, 55.00 EUR/ month

Official website: