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Search File About the site review
  • is a cloud-based file hosting provider that offers online remote storage backup capacity, downloading tools, and sophisticated uploading.
  • With this service, you can host flash, audio, videos, images, and files in the same space.
  • The platform does not allow other users to access the files you’ve uploaded unless you send a link to them. This ensures your files are not viewed by unauthorized people.
  • You can upload all kinds of files on this platform except nudes, pornographic content, or any offensive or copyrighted material.
  • The best part is that the site allows you to access your files, documents, videos, etc from any device – computers, mobile phone, laptop, tablet, virtually anything you can connect to the internet. This means you can use the platform while on the go
  • is one of the most reliable and safest hosting providers because the uploaded data is encrypted.
  • If you want to delete a file you just loaded, provides a Delete Link for that purpose. The link appears immediately after the upload is completed.
  • If you lose the removal code, then you’ll have to wait until the file is automatically deleted from the system upon the expiry of the allowed duration.
  • does not allow hotlinking on any kind of files on their servers.
  • The platform has configured its system to function with and verify your current system and tools with no problems.
  • It offers a big storage capacity, especially if you upgrade to the premium option.
  • Its innovative synchronization and cutting edge security make it easy and safe to access your loaded videos, documents, files, etc. Wherever you are.
  • You can use for off-site backup purposes because it offers secured remote storage capacity.
  • It is easy to use, and it ensures that any data you upload can not be compromised.
  • Sharing of accounts is strictly forbidden on this platform.
  • has three types of users: The free users, registered users, and premium users.
  • As a free user, you may experience a delay of 60 seconds between your downloads, and your files will be deleted seven days after you made the last download.
  • As a registered user, you’ll enjoy a maximum upload file size of 102.4 GB and storage space of 500 GB. You’ll experience a delay of 30 seconds between downloads, and your files will remain in the system for 45 days after the last download, after which they will be deleted. Premium Account Benefits premium features
  • With premium, you’ll enjoy unlimited storage space – you will be able to upload as many files as you wish
  • FTP, web, and remote URL upload supported
  • Supports third party download accelerators
  • Download resume – in case your download gets interrupted for any reason, it will start from where it was when you get online
  • No download delay – upload as many files as you want and there will be no delay between uploads.
  • No download captcha – you’ll simply log in and start downloading your files on the site. This will help save on time, hence improving your overral experience.
  • No advertisements – premium allows you to upload and download files smoothly with no interference from ads like those witnesses in other subscription options.
  • You get to enjoy extended storage period – your uploaded files will stay in the system for up to 90 days after the last download.
  • Detailed sales and downloads stats – you will get to access all the data pertaining your account activity to help improve your performance on the site

Want to try Premium? Check out the website here Premium Prices price
  • To become a premium member, the amount you pay will depend on how long you want to enjoy the services.
  • The options available are $19.95 for 30 days, $29.95 for 60 days, $39.95 for 90 days, $69.95 for 180 days, and $99.95 for 365 days.
  • You can also purchase extra traffic at the rate of $5.00 for 10 GB, $9.00 for 50 GB, or $13.00 for 100 GB.
  • The available payment methods include Credit card, PayPal, Crypto, Gift Cards, PaySafeCard, Sofortuberweisung, Sofort Banking, and Perfect Money. How to Earn money

  • The platform provides earn opportunities to its members
  • You simply need to use your blogs, sites, or other resources to promote  and earn.
  • Share your interesting and most captivating files on the platform and earn for all premium sales on your files.
  • pays 50% commission on every rebills and sales.
  • If you own a website, you can earn up to 15% on all subscriptions sold through your website even if you are not the one who has made the sales.
  • affiliate program can be used by all registered members on the site.
  • Payouts made three times every week to any payment system.
  • is working with no holds of your money.

Keep2Share Premium Account Review

Ever since the advent of cloud computing, it has become far much easier to store, manage, and transfer files online. In fact, you do not need an external storage device to keep your files. You only need to utilize any of the file-hosting platforms available online to store and share your files accordingly. One popular file sharing platform that you should consider is

What is Keep2Share?

keep2share review

As the name implies, Keep2Share is a trouble-free, user-friendly file sharing service that allows you to upload, store, manage, transfer, and share your files conveniently and securely using your internet enabled device. You can upload and transfer from 5GB to 50GB per day between your PC and Keep2Share servers. The best part is that it is free and you don’t even have to register to use this service. However, to enjoy seamless file-sharing services, you are advised to register and upgrade to Keep2Share premium account.

Keep2Share Premium Features

Keep2Share has three membership levels, including:

  • Basic level
  • Keep2Share Premium
  • Keep2Share Premium Pro

The basic level is 100 percent free, as it allows you to test what Keep2Share has to offer without having to spend a dime. However, this membership plan comes with a few restrictions, so you should not expect to access the same features as with a Keep2Share premium account.

keep2share premium benefit

Keep2Share has two paid options, including Keep2Share Premium and Keep2Share Premium Pro. Both premium accounts come with great offers, including fast download speeds, parallel downloads, and increased file size limits. You may download file sizes of up to 20 GB and 50 GB per day using Premium and Premium Pro, respectively.

keep2share download speed

Moreover, all premium downloads are resumable, meaning that you can pause and resume your downloads at any time without starting all over again. The best part is that premium members do not have to wait. In essence, you can start your downloads right away without entering Captcha codes or waiting for the timer to run down.

Apart from the price, the only difference between Keep2Share Premium and Keep2Share Premium Pro is that the latter offers anonymous downloads with bigger storage capacity. You can also access unlimited video previews and transfer large files of up to 10 GB with Keep2Share Premium Pro.

Want to get a keepshare premium account? Check out the website here

Plans and Pricing

Keep2Share premium starts from as low as $9.50 per month, while Premium Pro is available from 11.75 per month. Moreover, you have the option to choose the period of your subscriptions ranging from 3 days to one year, depending on your file hosting needs. Here is a breakdown of the Keep2Share premium rates.

Keep2Share Premium

  • 3 days – $6.95 per 3 days
  • 30 days – $16.95 per month
  • 90 days – $13.98 per month
  • 365 days – $9.50 per month

Keep2Share Premium Pro

  • 3 days – $8.95 per 3 days
  • 30 days – $21.95 per month
  • 90 days – $17.32 per month
  • 365 days – $11.75 per month

Background Information

Keep2Share has been in business for slightly over 7 years since its inception in the year 2012. This makes it one of the oldest and most active file-sharing providers available today. The company has its headquarters in the United States, with its data centers situated in several locations around the world.

Getting Started with Keep2Share

You may upload files to Keep2Share free of charge without having to register. However, this is only ideal if you are in a hurry, and you want to store your files temporarily before retrieving them later. To enjoy more access, you are advised to sign up with Keep2Share. After all, registering is free except for Keep2Share premium that is available at a cost.

The registration process is super fast and easy, given that you have two options for registering. One, you may sign up using your social media accounts (Facebook or Google). Alternatively, you may opt for the traditional route of entering your email address and creating a password. You may then start transferring your files right away as soon as you complete the registration process.

How does Keep2Share Work?

One of the biggest advantages of Keep2Share is that it is very easy to use. You do not have to go to great lengths to upload and download files, given that the platform has a user-friendly interface with an easily navigable website.

In terms of functionality, Keep2Share allows you to transfer your files using three different methods. These include:

  • Web upload
  • FTP
  • Remote Upload

Web or browser upload is the easiest way of transferring files, given that you only need to drag and drop your files to the provided upload box. However, this is only ideal for small files such as documents and photos, considering that it is somehow slower than other methods.

On the other hand, FTP upload is the most preferred since it is not only fast but also suitable for larger files such as videos and music. Nevertheless, you have to install an FTP client on your computer to use this method.

Lastly, remote upload is best for transferring files from another computer other than the local host using URL links. This comes in handy if your internet connection is very slow.

Is Keep2Share Safe?

Keep2Share is perfectly safe. The company has enforced the latest security mechanisms, including SSL encryption, to protect your data from illegal access. All payment transactions are also secured and encrypted using state of the art encryption.

Help and Customer Support

Keep2Share has a dedicated customer support team that is available round the clock to address your concerns and any queries you may have. The only problem is that they do not offer live chat or phone support, meaning that you have to wait for a response via email.


If you want to enjoy user-friendly file-sharing services with supersonic downloads and maximum security, then consider registering with Keep2Share. This platform offers exceptional file hosting at reasonable rates. The fact that they have two premium options is another added advantage.

Take the next step and upgrade to Keep2Share Premium account today.

Hostodo NVMe KVM Virtual Private Servers | 2GB RAM $29.99/year With Free DirectAdmin

Hostodo is a web hosting company based in the UK, with eight data centers in various locations are the world. The company provides various web hosting services including reseller hosting, hybrid servers, shared hosting, VPS hosting and domain name registration.

Some of the standard features that come with this provider’s hosting packages include:

  • CloudLinux operating system
  • NVMe SSD storage
  • cPanel control panel
  • MySQL database
  • Addon domains
  • Free SSL
  • PHP 5,7, support
  • Daily Offsite local backups
  • Softaculous one-click installer
  • Free website migration
  • Cloudflare

All of Hostodo’s plans come with a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee which should work well whether you operate a small startup or a medium-sized business.

Pros and Cons of Hostdoc


  • Strong Uptime guarantee of 99.99 percent

  • Multiple servers available across the globe

  • Affordable web hosting services

  • Hosting plans come with a free SSL certificate and domain registration

  • Effective customer support team

  • User-friendly cPanel control panel

  • You get to move from one website to another at absolutely no cost

  • It only runs on Linux

Hostodo are offering amazing annual deals on their NVMe KVM VPS line. As a reminder, we have a 3 day money-back guarantee on all plans. If you don’t like it, we will refund you!

Hostodo will be offering weekly backups for FREE in the near future.

Hostodo also offer FREE unlimited account DirectAdmin with these plans. Open a ticket with us after purchase to redeem the free license.

Hostodo accept Credit Card, PayPal, Cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, XRP, and more), AliPay, WeChat, and UnionPay

Network Test

Server Location: Las Vegas, NV

Test IPv4:

Test IPv6: 2604:5040:11:7b6::2

Test files: 10MB 100MB 1GB



  • 512MB RAM

  • 8GB NVMe Disk Space

  • 1TB Bandwidth

  • 1 CPU Core

  • 1 IPv4

  • /64 IPv6 Subnet

  • KVM Virtualization / SolusVM

  • Las Vegas, NV


​$14.99/year - Order Now
  • 1024MB RAM

  • 12GB NVMe Disk Space

  • 2TB Bandwidth

  • 1 CPU Core

  • 1 IPv4

  • /64 IPv6 Subnet

  • KVM Virtualization / SolusVM

  • Las Vegas, NV


​$19.99/year - Order Now

  • 2048MB RAM

  • 20GB NVMe Disk Space

  • 3TB Bandwidth

  • 2 CPU Core

  • 1 IPv4

  • /64 IPv6 Subnet

  • KVM Virtualization / SolusVM

  • Las Vegas, NV


​$29.99/year - Order Now Valentine’s Day 201920 Deal: [70% off discount] *$3.25/mon*

FastComet is a hosting company with the main headquarters in San Francisco. They boast a customer base of more than 45,000 spread across 83 countries. The company has servers around major cities like Tokyo, Singapore, Amsterdam, London, and Chicago. The thing with FastComet is they are a private company that is not part of a conglomerate like the EIG.


  1. Fast And Personal Support – being a small player offers advantages. In this case, they can provide more personalized support. They may have fewer customers, but they can take care of each one much better.
  2. Perhaps the most attractive support system is the pop-up chat. They also have a support ticket system in case you don’t like the chat or its unavailable.
  3. Free Backups – you probably know the value of having backups. However, the process becomes expensive or tedious that you tend to ignore it. With FastComet you get to enjoy free backups on a daily basis. This is something that’s very rare for a hosting that’s offering a value plan.
  4. The data will be kept for you for 30 days. And, if you want to revert to a previous version of your site, you can do it with just one click.
  5. Free Domain – Fastcomet offers a free domain for life! Yes, as long as you are with them, you get a free domain.


The only downside with FastComet is the load speed of their servers. They are nowhere near the top. Thankfully, they are also not at the bottom range.

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Best WordPress Web Hosting Providers

When building a WordPress website, whether for your business or personal blogging purposes, you need to consider, among other things, the user experience, search engine optimization tools, and of course, the cost. All these factors depend, to a large extent on the hosting provider you chose, which is why it’s important to only work with critically approved and reliable providers. We went on a little fishing trip and found out the 9 most reliable WordPress hosting services and reviewed each of them to give you enough information to make an informed choice.

But even before you look at some of the best WordPress hosting services, let’s first discuss factors that determine a provider’s suitability.

Key Factors of a WordPress Web Hosting Service

  1. Speed – You want a site that loads fast – ideally between 5-10 seconds – to reduce the bounce rate.
  2. Pricing – While the natural step would be to go for the cheapest option, a cheaper host is not always a better option. Instead, for a host that provides optimum performance at a fair cost, as well as utmost transparency on all applicable charges.
  3. Uptime – This is essentially the amount of time that a host’s server is up and running, expressed as a percentage of total time. It is arguably the most important factor to consider when selecting a hosting service, as you don’t want your site to always be offline. As a rule of thumb, avoid hosts who offer less than 99.95% uptime.
  4. Server Requirements – First off, familiarize yourself with the updated WordPress server requirements and ensure that the hosting provider you choose meets these requirements, which include: a minimum of 1GB local storage, MySQL version 5.0.15, and PHP 7.3 or greater.

So what are some of the best web hosting providers in 2020?


Bluehost is the most popular hosting service for WordPress blogs. Their low-cost introductory prices (starting from $2.75/month) are particularly appealing to millions of small business owners and bloggers. It also doesn’t hurt that the service is approved and recommended by the forum, which is kind of a big deal.

In regards to performance, Bluehost offers 99.99% uptime. The average page loading speed of 348 ms, which is incredibly fast compared to other options.

What do you stand to gain?

  • 24/7 customer service with a responsive live chat feature.- A beginner-friendly interface that allows you to customize and secure your website even with limited IT skills. This is coupled with an easy-to-install feature.
  • Consistently reliable speed and performance.- Access to more than 80 user tutorials on WordPress to help you navigate through the whole process of setting up your site.
  • A free https:// SSL certificate

Now to set the record straight, the cheap introductory rates come with an asterisk. To benefit from the $2.75/mo offer, you have to pay for 36 months at a go, which totals up to $99. When the 36 months are over, you will get the option of making monthly payments, with renewal fees starting from $7.99 per month. The only saving grace is the 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to cut your losses as soon as you realize the service is not for you.

Verdict: While it’s not the fastest (or the cheapest) service out there, it still offers good performance, and won’t break your bank. Further, the extensive educational guides and tutorials, and generally beginner-friendly environment make it especially ideal for beginners. Most importantly, being a very popular hosting company, you will definitely come across one or two people who use Bluehost and you can seek personal reviews from them.


With over 10 million domains in their portfolio, HostGator is easily a market juggernaut, and a name you will definitely come across in discussions on web hosting. Key to HostGator’s popularity among WordPress users is their specialized package called WordPress Hosting. This solution caters to all sorts of WP sites as follows:

Starter Plan – Tailored for sites with less than 100k monthly visitors. Offers hosting for 1 site, 1GB of backup space and free SSL certificate. The plan costs about $5.95/mo.
Standard Plan – Designed for sites with up to 200k monthly visitors. It covers 2 sites and provides 2GB backup space. A free SSL certificate is also included and you get to enjoy fast load speeds. Subscription costs start at $7.95/mo.

Business Plan – This is a premium package designed for multiple business owners, as it can support up to 3 sites with an average of 500k visitors per month. Each site gets a 3GB backup space and an SSL certificate. The loading speeds are also higher than those of the above packages. This plan is available starting from $9.95/mo.

Notably, all the WordPress Hosting packages include free site migrations and unlimited emails. As for the speeds, you will get to enjoy an average load time of 400 ms. However, for the Standard and Starter plans, page loading may lag when you get heavier traffic.

All in all, HostGator is a pretty good – albeit slightly expensive – hosting provider. Particularly, the free migrations, SSL certificates, email accounts, and storage space come in handy as you try to hit the ground running with your site. Nonetheless, its cPanel is not really beginner-friendly, and you may struggle if you don’t have some little knowledge on website management. And that’s why it ranks second on the list behind Bluehost, which is very beginner-friendly.


SiteGround is among the few hosting services approved and recommended by the community, which effectively means it’s worth considering for your WP site. The Bulgaria company was launched in 2004 and hosts over 800,000 domains.

Imperatively, they have dedicated services for WP users as follows:

WordPress Starter – An automated installation system that allows you to create and customize your site in minutes, even with minimal tech knowledge.
Free Site Migration – Allows you to transfer your WordPress site from your current host to SiteGround in just a few clicks and without the risk of losing your data.

Security – Automatic updates for all your plugins and via a dynamic server firewall, and you get enhanced protection against common WordPress threats.

Performance Enhancement – You get access to optimized resource management tools such as dynamic caching, free CDN, PHP controls and image optimizations.


The first package is called StartUp, and is designed for new sites with a maximum of 10k visitors per month. The plan, which costs $3.95/mo, supports 1 site and offers up to 10GB of backup storage.

The intermediate plan is called GrowBig, and is meant for sites with 25k monthly visits or less. It costs $5.95/mo and supports an unlimited number of sites and customize emails. The storage space (20GB) is also quite impressive.

GoGeek is the most advanced package on offer, and goes for $11.95/mo. It is designed for sites that receive 100k visitors or less per month. Its features include unlimited websites and emails, 30GB of storage and advanced analytical tools.

In terms of performance, the service delivered 99.99% uptime, with only 15 outages in 12 months. Still, it’s average page load time – 632 ms – is a bit slower than what you’d get from Bluehost and HostGator.


DreamHost is one of the oldest web hosting services in the market, having been in operation for almost 25 years. It hosts over 1.5 million sites and has dedicated WordPress hosting plans. The plans on offer include:

Shared Hosting – The entry-level package goes for $2.59/mo and covers 1 site, with no traffic restrictions. One free domain name, pre-installed WordPress, free SSL certificate, powerful WordPress website builder and cheap emails ($1.67/mo), are the other features in this package.

Managed WP Hosting – Ideal for business owners, and multiple websites and costs $16.95/mo. Features include unlimited number of websites, a free domain, unlimited traffic support, fast SSD storage, customizable email function, and a free SSL certificate

VPS Hosting – With quite a steep asking price (ranging between $10.50-$80.00), this plan is only viable if your site is ultra big and requires lots of resources, or is an eCommerce site. It consists of 4 plans namely VPS Basic, VPS Business, VPS Professional, and VPS Enterprise, each offering different features. The general benefits of this class of packages include; SSD storage starting from 30GB, free SSL certificates, optimized support for unlimited traffic and unlimited email customization functionality.

DreamHost’s page load time is just “OK”, at 590 ms and so is the uptime, which stands at a respectable 99.92%. What we liked about this particular service is the extended money-back guarantee period (97 days), which is more than enough time to determine whether you like it or not.

While DreamHost is a decent all-round service, it may not work for you if you perform regular site transfers, as one transfer costs $99. Further, Live Chat support is not available outside US working hours, which is a drawback if you live outside the US. Further, they don’t have data centers outside the US. If your site’s visitors are mainly found outside the US, you may struggle with the DreamHost service, which means you are better off considering other options. Apart from the small issue of expensive services, DreamHost is super reliable, which explains its huge market share.


As the name suggests, GreenGeeks primarily offers eco-friendly web hosting solutions. Apparently, they return 3 times the power they consume into the national grid, courtesy of the renewable energy solutions they employ in their main offices in Agoura Hills, California. That’s noble and commendable but how good is GreenGeeks as a web hosting solution?

For one, GreenGeeks offers 3 key hosting options namely: Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and WordPress Hosting. The WordPress Hosting plan further includes 3 packages as follows:

Lite – This is basically the beginner plan and starts at $2.95/mo. Benefits include, full hosting for 1 website, fast automated WordPress installation, unlimited storage space, free domain name (for a year) and free, unlimited data migration.

Pro – Ideal for websites on an upward growth trajectory that needs additional speed and performance. It goes for $5.95/mo and supports an unlimited number of websites, super-fast WordPress installation, in addition to all the features of the Lite package above. Extra features include a free Wildcard SSL and PowerCacher tool.

Premium – Tailored for eCommerce sites or very busy websites. Available for around $11.95/mo and supports unlimited websites too. The plan consists of all the features of the above plans, with some extra premium features. These include 4X higher speed (compared to the Pro plan) and dynamic PowerCacher.

The standout features of the GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting services are the modern caching technology that considerably enhances page loading times, averaging at 400 ms, and an uptime of 99.97%, which is fair compared to the monthly subscription fees. It also helps that the beginner plan is quite cheap and that they’re concerned about saving our planet.


Hostinger’s appeal comes from the fact that it is the cheapest WordPress hosting service in the market, with the basic package going for only $0.80. The company is headquartered in Europe, but has data centers in Asia and the USA, in addition to the ones in Europe. This typically means that if you are, for instance, residing in Europe and have visitors from the US and Asia, they will be able to access your content as fast as your European visitors, courtesy of the data centers.

Categorically, Hostinger offers WP hosting services in 3 levels, depending on the size of the site. These are:

Single WordPress Hosting – This is the $0.80/mo option (subject to a 48-month commitment), and is especially suitable for smaller sites, and new sites in general. With this package, you get hosting for 1 website, 100GB of bandwidth, user-friendly control panel, and 10GB SSD storage space.

Premium WordPress Hosting – The intermediate plan is also quite cheap, starting at only $2.15/mo. Benefits include support for an unlimited number of websites and bandwidth, 20GB SSD storage, powerful control panel, easy-to-use Access Manager and one free domain name.

Business WordPress Hosting – Designed for business sites and online stores. A 48-month subscription costs & 3.45/mo, while subsequent renewals will set you back $7.95/mo. That’s exceptionally cheap for a premium package that offers unlimited number of websites, free daily backups, SSL certificate, free domain, and 30GB storage space.

With its price range, it is not a surprise that Hostinger has a lower average uptime (99.94%) compared to most of the other services. The loading speed, averaging 347 ms, is however top-notch. On our part, we liked this service a lot, and the fact that you only need to pay $38.40 upfront for the basic plan (with a 30-day money-back guarantee) means that you don’t have much to lose if things don’t work out.


This is another US-based hosting service that’s been operating for around 17 years, raking more than 300,000 web clients. To cater to the sizable WordPress crowd, InMotion offers an array of tailored hosting solutions, called WordPress Hosting. These packages are:

WP-1000S – Basically the beginner plan, starts at $6.99/m and gives you a free domain, hosting for 1 website and 40GB SSD storage. You also get access to an unlimited number of customizable email accounts, full WordPress Optimized Stack, and a Staging Environment.

WP-2000S – Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, and intermediate blogging. Rates start from $9.99/mo, for a 36-month commitment. Benefits include hosting for 2 websites, a free domain, and fast performance support for up to 50k visitors. Free access to BoldGrid (an easy-to-use WP website builder) and an impressive 80GB SSD storage space complete the list of benefits on offer.

WP-3000S – Recommended for growing businesses and large blogs (up to 120k visitors). Subscription starts at $12.99/mo and covers hosting for 3 websites, and a free domain. It gives you all the benefits of the above packages, with a slightly higher SSD storage space – 120GB.

WP-4000S – This is a dynamic and flexible hosting plan, specially designed for large eCommerce sites and businesses receiving up to 300k monthly visitors. The plan sets you back $19.99/mo and supports 6 sites and unlimited email accounts. Apart from all the features of the above packages, WP-4000S also gives you a free dedicated IP and Jetpack Professional service for a year.

Being an older service, you would expect InMotion to offer higher speeds than the 810 ms average they currently offer, especially when their basic plan costs $6.99. Nonetheless, we were satisfied with the 99.95% uptime.


This is among the few hosting solutions designed specifically for WordPress sites. The company offers 4 packages:

Startup – Great for new sites with up to 25k visits per month. The plan, which goes for $35/mo, covers only 1 site and offers 10GB storage, Genesis Framework, free transfers, more than 30 StudioPress Themes, SSL certificates, and a Global CDN.

Growth – Ideal for growing sites, with a maximum of 100k monthly visitors, and supports 5 sites. It costs $115/mo and 20GB local storage, 200GB of monthly bandwidth, SSH Gateway, and all the features of the Startup package.

Scale – Suitable for large websites with up to 400k monthly visitors. The package, which costs a steep $290/mo, covers 15 sites and offers 30GB storage, 400GB monthly bandwidth, imported SSL certificates, and 24-hour phone support.

Custom – This plan allows you to partner with WPengine technicians to come up with a solution that fits your business needs and hence, the price depends is not fixed.

WPengine also gives decent speeds (580 ms) and an average uptime of 99.99%, which is the market average. Further, it’s such a classy, sleek product that gives you maximum control over your WP site. Unfortunately, the packages are too costly and you will more or less find the same features for lower prices on Bluehost, HostGator and others.


While Liquid Web is far from being a big market player – with only 32,000 clients -, we had to include them in this list because they offer quite decent hosting products for WordPress, and have a great portfolio that includes Home Depot and Motorola.

The Managed WordPress Hosting by Liquid Web is divided into two packages, based on the type of website. There is the Personal Plan, which typically covers only 1 blog. This plan, which costs $29/mo, comes with 20GB SSD storage, 30-day free backups, Staging Environment, and 5TB of bandwidth.

The other plan is Freelance, which is designed for people with multiple sites, and big businesses. Freelance goes for $69/mo, and includes hosting for 4 websites and an automatic iThemes Sync function. This plan also offers a 5TB bandwidth, but with a higher local storage space of 40GB.

As you noticed, we didn’t include traffic limits as Liquid Web doesn’t have any, which is a good thing. They also offer automatic SSL Certification for every subscription in addition to access to developer tools such as SSH, Git, and WP-CLI.

The company offers an average uptime of 99.6%, and page load speeds of 540 ms. The support team is also excellent and offers Live Chat services 24/7.

All said, the Liquid Web is not affordable for small businesses and blogs, particularly considering there are cheaper alternatives offering similar services. Further, the Liquid Web WordPress Hosting solutions are all managed, which pushes away people looking for unmanaged hosting. It’s not a service we would recommend to a newbie site owner as it’s too expensive and doesn’t offer adequate educational tools. However, it’s definitely an option to consider if you run an eCommerce site, or if your blog grows to a point where you need to enhance performance and security.


Thank you for reading through our extensive reviews of 9 of the best WordPress Web Hosting Providers in the market. We went to great lengths to ensure our report would be honest and unbiased, and we hope you will now be able to make a better decision.

NameCheap 7-day Holiday Deals sale–Up to 95% off

If you are looking for a lowly priced host that you can rely on for your hosting needs, then look no further than NameCheap. As their name implies, NameCheap focuses on providing affordable hosting solutions to everyone. Instead of paying annual fees, they have a monthly billing cycle, allowing you to test-run their services for longer before committing.

Previously, NameCheap had four different shared hosting plans. However, they have reduced the packages to three in line with their new pricing model. The three shared web hosting plans include Stellar, Stellar Plus and Stellar Business.

The Stellar plan costs only $1.44 per month and it comes with 20GB storage space, 50 MySQL databases, 50 email accounts, and unmetered bandwidth. However, customers are limited to only 3 websites. The Stellar Plus plan, on the other hand, costs $2.44 p/m. It comes with unmetered SSD storage space and you can host as many websites as you wish when you purchase this plan. Besides, you also get automatic backups thereby ensuring that your data is safe and secure.

The last shared hosting offering is the Stellar Business plan. As suggested by its name, this plan is ideal for growing and established businesses. Costing only $4.40 p/m, this plan features 50 GB of powered SSD storage and you can store as many websites as you want. The plan also offers unmetered bandwidth and automatic backups. To make up for the limited storage space, Stellar Business provides unrestricted cloud storage.

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The 11 Best Cheap VPS Hosting Providers in 2019

Are you looking for a reliable web hosting package for your business? If that is the case, then you have certainly come to the right place. In this guide, we are going to review some of the best VPS hosting providers in 2019. We will also look at some of the features that you can expect from the VPS hosting providers as well as the rates they charge for their services.

So why do you need a VPS hosting package?

When it comes to web hosting services, shared hosting providers typically offer the cheapest rates and user-friendly features, which many businesses will find very convenient. However, shared hosting services also tend to be very slow, and may lack the functionality and control that is required by a more established business. Therefore, if you are looking for a basic host and don’t have enough money to pay for a dedicated server, a VPS hosting service might be your next best option.

A VPS hosting plan combines the best of both worlds, such that only a few VPS accounts share a server, while each individual account enjoys its own virtual server environment. With a VPS plan, you get all the control, power and functionality that you would have with a dedicated server, without paying the exorbitant rates that are charged for dedicated hosting.

With plenty of web hosting providers in the market, it can be very time-consuming to narrow down on the best VPS hosting service provider for your business. Fortunately, we have taken the liberty to do just that for you.

Here are the 11 best VPS hosting providers that you should consider in 2019 and beyond.

Virmach is arguably one of the best and cheapest VPS hosting providers in the market today. Unlike most web-hosting providers, which offer services for a particular OS, this host offers a wide array of services for both Linux and Windows. Apart from its VPS hosting services, Virmach also offers other services such as dedicated server hosting, remote desktop, Private proxy, and VPN services.

The best part about this hosting service is that it offers highly affordable hosting plans without compromising on performance. Its VPS hosting plans for Windows start at around $7 per month and comes with plenty of features, including 1GB DDR3/4 ram, 1 CPU vCORE, 35-50GB SSD, 1+ Dedicated IP, Remote Desktop and Admin Access. On the other hand, Linux VPS hosting starts at $2.25 per month and comes with several features including, 512MB RAM, 2 CPU vCORE, 20 GB SSD and 1 dedicated IP.

Moreover, the platform guarantees 100 percent uptime for all of its hosted clients. Incase your website experiences downtime and your service goes offline, you will be awarded 1 week worth of automatic store credit. In addition to this, Virmach also offers free backups with its automatic mirror and backup.

To safely protect your data, the platform employs Raid 10, which mirrors your disk. This security feature ensures that all your data is protected and safe even in the event of multiple disk failures.

The site also has a reliable customer support team, which is always available to troubleshoot and resolve any technical issues that clients may experience.

Some of the Pros and Cons of Virmach include:


  • Pure SSD storage

  • Free backup

  • Strong uptime guarantee ( 100 percent)

  • Safe and secure

  • Free Windows available

  • Great customer support

  • Requires prior technical knowledge, which makes it quite hard to use, especially for first time members of the site.

Impact VPS is a high-performance web hosting company based in Mechanicsburg, PA. The platform offers VPS and shared hosting solutions for individuals, startup companies as well as established businesses. Although the company offers numerous web hosting services, its main area of specialization is in VPS hosting. Moreover, Its VPS hosting plans are facilitated by state-of-the-art hardware, which ensures that clients get the best hosting solutions at affordable rates.

One of the things that makes Impact VPS stand out from other web hosting service providers is its hosting plans, which are customized to meet the needs of the client. The platform allows you to upgrade from one plan to another, whenever you need more resources to operate your website.

The VPS hosting plans are categorized into five tiers, starting with the VDR 4, which costs as little as $12 per month, and comes with the following features and perks:

  • 4 CORE processors
  • 4GB RAM
  • 45GB SSD
  • 4000GB Bandwidth
  • Up to 10 IPs

This entry-level VPS plan also allows you to host up to 10 websites on a single server, which is a truly remarkable feat.

Interestingly, impact VPS offers a money-back guarantee on all their services, which means you can request for a refund in case your service goes offline due to server downtime. In addition to this, the platform provides round-the-clock customer support to ensure that all emerging technical issues are resolved promptly.

Pros and Cons of Impact VPS


  • It comes with highly customized hosting plans

  • Uses top-of-the-line hardware and software

  • User-friendly custom control panel

  • Guaranteed uptime

  • Money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction with the service

  • It has a friendly customer support team

  • Highly affordable hosting rates

  • No unlimited options on bandwidth, RAM, storage space and domains

  • Single data center location

BuyVM is a web hosting provider that was founded in 2010. The company currently has its headquarters in the US, with two data centers in Luxembourg and the United States. BuyVM is among the cheapest and most reliable web hosting services in the market right now. Their VPS hosting plans currently begin at about $7 a month. It is worth noting that BuyVM was one of the first web hosting companies to introduce affordable VPS hosting into the web hosting industry.

In 2016, BuyVM introduced its KVM dedicated serves with pure SSD arrays. Thanks to this brilliant innovation, clients can buy a slice of the node server to enjoy fast and efficient VPS web hosting at an affordable rate. A slice costs about $15 per month, and comes with numerous features, including:

  • 1 CPU Core
  • 4GB RAM
  • 80GB SSD storage space

This hosting plan offers several features of a dedicated server at only a fraction of the cost, which makes it a very worthwhile investment for any business. Another great feature of BuyVM VPS hosting which sets it apart from its competitors is its flexible plans, which guarantee cash-back on any paid-for but unused hosting plan. This comes in particularly handy when you need to change to a different server type or location.

BuyVM also provides exceptional customer service to ensure that all the technical issues that you may encounter are resolved in the shortest time possible.

Pros and Cons of BuyVM


  • The site has highly affordable VPS hosting packages

  • Strong uptime guarantee

  • You get to enjoy money-back guarantee on unused plans

  • It has a great customer support team

  • No unlimited options on RAM, SSD storage and bandwidth

Ramnode is without a doubt one of the most robust web hosting providers that offer cheap VPS hosting services with plenty of performance and control features. This host has state-of-the-art hardware and network supporting servers that make use of the latest technology to provide reliable VPS hosting services.

Performance is absolutely the most important factor to consider when choosing a web host, and Ramnode does not fail in that regard. This VPS hosting provider guarantees 99.99 percent uptime to ensure your website is working optimally throughout. Thanks to its top-notch SSD nodes, Ramnode also guarantees high loading speeds which means your website will never experience disruptions or lags.

Setting up your VPS on Ramnode is a fairly quick and simple process, which can be done in a matter of minutes. Within a few minutes of placing your order, you will receive an email containing all the details of your VPS. The platform also offers highly reliable customer support which you can contact any time of the day or night in case of an emergency issue.

Pros and Cons of Ramnode VPS host


  • Very affordable VPS hosting services

  • It has advanced hardware and software systems

  • Members are guaranteed an uptime of 99.99 percent

  • You get to enjoy super-fast loading speeds thanks to top of the line SSD nodes

  • Fast and reliable customer support

  • Instant VPS setup process

  • No advanced performance features

  • Low scalability

HostSolutions is one of the oldest web hosting providers in the industry, having been founded in 1996. This company provides cheap VPS hosting along with other services such as shared hosting and dedicated server hosting. This web host currently has only one data center based in Oradea, Romania which accommodates all of its servers.

HostSolutions employs the use of highly advanced servers which guarantee up to 99.99 percent uptime. This ensures that your website or blog is running throughout with zero offline time. In addition to this, the platform offers weekly backups for shared hosting and reseller hosting plans in order to keep clients’ data safe and secure. You should note that HostSolutions does not provide domain registration services. You should, therefore, ensure you have a domain before purchasing a VPS hosting plan with this provider. You will also need to pay extra to get an SSL certificate from this web hosting service provider.

The customer support team on HostSolutions is very quick to respond to any performance issues which you may encounter. You can contact them online via live chat or email to get technical assistance in case of emergencies.

Pros and Cons of HostSolutions:


  • The platform offers cheap VPS hosting plans

  • Strong Uptime guarantee of 99.99 percent

  • Advanced hardware and software infrastructure

  • Reliable customer support

  • Only one server available for all members across the globe

  • No domain registration services are provided

  • You pay extra for SSL certificates

Hosthatch is a web hosting provider that was founded in 2011. This Florida-based company has grown from having a single server to operating a network of 8 data centers located in 4 continents around the world, namely: Europe, Australia, Asia, and North America. Although the company offers numerous web hosting services, it mainly specializes in shared web hosting and VPS hosting plans. This web hosting provider also recently unveiled its own control panel known as Falcon, which offers clients greater administrative control over their website.

Hosthatch employs top-notch SSD servers to provide fast and reliable hosting plans to its clients. Moreover, the company offers over 99.99 percent uptime guarantee on all of its VPS hosting packages.

Pros and Cons of Hosthatch


  • Strong Uptime guarantee

  • Helpful customer support team

  • Members get to enjoy low-cost VPS hosting plans

  • Fast SSD servers

  • Numerous data centers, which ensure fast and reliable functionality

  • Extra costs for SSL certificate and domains

UltraVPS is one of the well-established European web hosting platforms, having been founded in 1999. The company currently had its headquarters in Bochum, Germany. Although it offers plenty of hosting services, UltraVPS mainly specializes in cheap VPS hosting plans for individuals as well as business enterprises. This hosting provider currently has powerful state-of-the-art servers in various countries including, Germany, the United States, United Kingdom, Moldova, and Lithuania.

UltraVPS employs the use of high-performance SSD servers to guarantee optimal functionality and strong Uptime.

Some of the general features that come with their UltraVPS hosting plans include:

  • Top of the line super nice server hardware
  • Gigabit Ethernet uplinks
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Reliable KVM virtualization

VPS hosting on this provider begins at $2 per month and comes with:

  • 512 MB RAM
  • 1 CPU Core
  • 15 GB Storage
  • 500 GB Monthly Transfer
  • 1 IPv 4 address
  • 10 IPv 6 addresses

Pros and Cons


  • Advanced hardware and software technology

  • Cheap Web Hosting plans

  • Plenty of features

  • Great customer care support

  • The site has an easy to use control panel

  • There are no unlimited features such as domains and storage space

Hostdoc is a web hosting company based in the UK, with eight data centers in various locations are the world. The company provides various web hosting services including reseller hosting, hybrid servers, shared hosting, VPS hosting and domain name registration.

Some of the standard features that come with this provider’s hosting packages include:

  • CloudLinux operating system
  • NVMe SSD storage
  • cPanel control panel
  • MySQL database
  • Addon domains
  • Free SSL
  • PHP 5,7, support
  • Daily Offsite local backups
  • Softaculous one-click installer
  • Free website migration
  • Cloudflare

All of Hostdoc’s plans come with a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee which should work well whether you operate a small startup or a medium-sized business.

Pros and Cons of Hostdoc


  • Strong Uptime guarantee of 99.99 percent

  • Multiple servers available across the globe

  • Affordable web hosting services

  • Hosting plans come with a free SSL certificate and domain registration

  • Effective customer support team

  • User-friendly cPanel control panel

  • You get to move from one website to another at absolutely no cost

  • It only runs on Linux

Bandwagon Host

Bandwagon Host is a web hosting provider that provides inexpensive services to individuals and companies. Some of the web hosting services that are offered by this company include shared hosting, reseller hosting, and VPS hosting.

Web hosting prices on Bandwagon Host typically start at around $19.99 per month. This comes with an uptime guarantee of up to 99.99 percent. Some of the features that come with this web hosting plan include:

  • 80 GB SSD RAID-10
  • 4 GB Ram
  • 4 Core Intel Xeon CPU

All the services and networks on Bandwagon Host are monitored 24/7 by the company’s customer support team. In case you have any questions or technical problems, you can reach customer support via online or by raising a ticket through the company’s ticketing service.

Pros and Cons of Bandwagon Host


  • Reliable uptime guarantee of 99.99%

  • Affordable hosting plans

  • Reliable Customer support

  • Numerous hosting services offered

  • No unlimited bandwidth and storage space

  • User is complex, and you will need time to get used to it

If you are looking for an affordable and reliable hosting package for your website or blog, then Cloudcone is definitely an option worth considering. This company provides various hosting services such as dedicated hosting, shared hosting, cloud servers and VPS hosting.

The platform’s VPS hosting plans start at $13.39 per annum and comes with the following features:

  • 1 vCPU Core
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 10 GB RAID 10 Storage
  • 1 x IPv4 & 3 IPv6 addresses
  • 1 TB Bandwidth
  • Free AnyCast DNS

One of the most outstanding features of this platform is its hourly billing system which provides you with more flexibility while also allowing you to save costs. You only pay for the hours that your website is online.

Cloudcone also provides technical assistance through its highly qualified support staff to ensure that all clients get the best user experience.
Pros and Cons of Cloudcone


  • It offers cheap hosting rates.

  • Plenty of hosting services available including WordPress hosting, shared hosting, dedicated servers, Cloud Servers, and VPS

  • Unique hourly billing system

  • Helpful customer support team

  • No unlimited features such as storage space and emails on VPS plans

PacificRack is a web hosting service that is owned by Quadranet. This host offers cheap and reliable hosting packages for website owners, bloggers and businesses. The company provides pocket-friendly SEO plans to ensure your website receives top ranking in major search engines such as Google and Bing.

In addition to this, PacificRack offers low-cost VPS hosting, with plenty of performance and control features. VPS plans start at about $12.5 per year and come with numerous features including:

  • 512MB RAM
  • 1 CORE vCPU
  • 25GB SSD RAID- 10 Storage
  • 500GB transfer
  • 1Gbps uplink
  • 1x IPv 4
  • KVM Virtualizor
  • Linux
  • Asia – Optimized Network Available
  • DDoS Protection

PacificRack is mainly popular among most website owners and bloggers. This web host provider is particularly praised for its fast and reliable web hosting services, which are facilitated by its ultra-modern servers. If you are looking for super-fast, reliable and cost-effective VPS hosting, then PacificRack is without a doubt a worthy choice for you.

Some of the Pros and Cons of this web hosting provider include:


  • Reliable uptime guarantee

  • Multiple servers available

  • Low-cost VPS hosting plans

  • Fast Asia Optimized Network (AON) available

  • Only supports Linux

  • No unlimited bandwidth or SSD storage

A Final Word: Did you find your best pick?

Choosing the right VPS hosting provider can be an overwhelming process, considering the large number of web hosting providers in the industry. While most hosting providers offer cheap and reliable VPS hosting plans, they greatly differ in the various performance and control features that they provide. In light of this, it is very vital that you take the time to evaluate the needs of your business in order to determine the best VPS hosting plan.

Whether you own a blog or a website, you can certainly find a great VPS hosting service that matches your preferences and budget. Although the cost of a VPS hosting service is one of the most important considerations to make when purchasing a hosting plan, it is by no means the only one. You, therefore, need to ensure that your service provider has the necessary hardware and software network to provide you with undisrupted VPS hosting for your business.

All of the web hosting providers that we have reviewed in this post come with unique features that may, or may not be relevant to your business’ needs. You should, therefore, take the time to investigate them in depth before deciding which plan to purchase. It is my hope that you are now in a better position to determine a VPS service provider that matches your website’s requirements. By focussing on the hosting needs of your business, you can without a doubt find the right hosting provider that will help your business grow and thrive in an increasingly digitized world.

15 Best VPS Hosting Providers in 2020

Are you trying to improve the visibility of your online business and increase traffic to your website? If this is the case, then switching to a VPS hosting provider is the best investment you could ever make.

Having a VPS hosting service is also much safer and more secure compared to a shared server, whose resources are used by several websites. By getting your own VPS service provider, therefore, you can significantly reduce the risk of data breaches and hacks.

Another great advantage of having your own VPS hosting service for your business is that it is relatively cheaper than fully dedicated servers. In essence, getting a good VPS service provider can help you cut down on costs, while enjoying the control and functionality you need for your online business to thrive.

Features to look for when choosing a VPS Hosting Service

Since not all VPS hosting services are created equal, you must do a thorough background check to determine whether a certain provider is suited to your business needs. There are a number of features you need to take into account when looking for a potential VPS service provider. These include:

High Server Uptime – Before you pay for a VPS hosting service, you need to make sure that it has reliable uptime with little to no lags. This will ensure that your website is working smoothly throughout to prevent disruptions, which could adversely affect your customer’s activities on your website. Most reliable service providers offer an uptime guarantee of up to 99.5% depending on how much you are paying.

Security – You should ensure that your server of choice has the necessary safety and security infrastructure, including SSL certificates. This will help protect your website from data breaches and hacks. Moreover, customers will be more confident to trust you with their personal info.

Quality Hardware – When choosing a VPS hosting service, you need to make sure that it has high quality and reliable hardware, including top-of-the-line CPUs to house your virtual private space. This will ensure your website runs optimally, with few or no disruptions and malfunctions.

Affordability – A good VPS hosting service should be able to provide you with the power control capabilities of a dedicated server while being cost-effective. Fortunately, there are plenty of service providers that offer impressive VPS hosting at a price that is cheaper than, or equal to most shared hosting services.

Technical Support – Even the most reliable VPS hosting service may encounter technical difficulties at some point. In light of this, it is necessary to choose a service provider with a reliable technical support team that can promptly resolve customer queries.

What are the Best VPS Hosting Services in 2019?

Finding the right VPS hosting service for your website can be a frustrating experience, given the sheer number of providers available in the industry. You need to be able to strike a delicate balance between control, functionality, and cost when selecting a VPS provider for your business. If you are wondering how you can find the best hosting service provider that matches the needs of your business, then worry not. In this review, we are going to go over some of the best VPS hosting services in the market to help you find the right provider for you. These include:


iPage is a web hosting service provider that was founded in 1998, and it currently hosts over a million websites across two data centers in the US. This web hosting platform offers affordable and reliable web hosting services using its EPA clean energy powered servers.

Moreover, the platform provides affordable packages on both long-term and short-term deals. whether you are operating a startup company or a mid-sized business, you can always find the right hosting plan that matches your budget and needs. With a 99.97 percent uptime, you can be certain that your business operations will be running smoothly and effectively on this host.

Although there are plenty of good VPS hosting providers, iPage has gained immense popularity thanks to its flexible hosting plans that offer advanced control and performance features. The web hosting package of this reputable VPS provider includes a scalable bandwidth, free SSL certificate, unlimited domain names, unlimited storage and many more.

Some of the advantages of using this web hosting service include:

Cheap Web Hosting Services – iPage is perennially ranked among the cheapest and most reliable web hosting services in the industry. It’s hosting services begin at about $2 a month, with plenty of perks included. Regardless of the size of your business, you can find a great hosting package on iPage to suit your budget and needs.

Plenty of Third Party Applications – This web hosting service comes with plenty of tools and features to optimize the performance of your website. Some of the features that are included in their hosting plan are a free domain, a free email address, and a free SSL certificate. In addition to this, the iPage hosting service comes with an array of content management apps and blogging software such as WordPress, Drupal, PixelPost, Jumla, and b2evolution. These tools provide you with more control over your website, and the ability to customize it as you see fit.

Strong Uptime – One of the features that make this host stand out among other low-cost VPS service providers is its impressive uptime. iPage has a remarkable average uptime of 99.97, with loading speeds up to 787ms. This ensures that your website runs smoothly throughout the year, with no downtime or lags, which would otherwise cause disruptions to the day to day operation of your business.

Reliable Customer Support – iPage has reliable technical support, which is always available to solve client web hosting issues. The support team can be contacted online via email or using their hotline number. Although iPage is one of the cheapest web hosts with reliable uptime and great customer support, the platform could improve in a number of areas. Some of the downsides of this host include:

High Loading Time – During the past 16 months, iPage has recorded an average loading speed of 787ms. While this is not fast enough to ensure smooth web performance, it is still a lot slower than most competitor platforms.

No cPanel – Unlike most web hosting services that use cPanel, iPage uses vDeck, which is not as versatile. Moreover, vDeck is a bit difficult to use, particularly among first-time subscribers. However, with a little time and practice, clients may become proficient at using this feature.


Liquidweb is a business hosting platform that offers dedicated web hosting, VPS, Cloud and WordPress hosting. The platform features a powerful web hosting infrastructure designed to meet the needs of both startup companies as well as mid-sized and large enterprises. The popularity of this hosting service can be attributed to its custom-built- server clusters that are customized for popular management apps and software.

When you sign up for the managed WordPress hosting plan, you will receive a custom control panel that allows you to control several WordPress accounts. With VPS hosting and dedicated hosting plans, you get to choose between Plesk and cPanel panels. All web hosting packages offered by Liquidweb come inclusive of high-performance network infrastructure, quality hardware, dedicated data centers, and full system monitoring. The platform has an impressive average uptime of 100%, which makes it suited for websites with high web traffic. The platform also offers a managed WooCommerce solution for businesses.

The hosting plans on Liquidweb begin at around $29 a month. While this is not the cheapest hosting option in the market, it is undoubtedly very worth it, considering the strong uptime and numerous management tools that come with this service.

Some of the advantages of using this web hosting service include:

  • WordPress hosting packages
  • Scalable bandwidth
  • Reliable customer support all-year-round
  • Powerful data centers and servers
  • Affordable hosting plans

This web hosting platform also has a number of downsides. These include:

  • Lack of shared hosting services
  • No freebies such as SSL certificates and domain

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a well-established web hosting service provider that offers plenty of products to meet the needs of website owners. Some of the services offered by this platform include shared hosting, managed WordPress, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and reseller.

A2 Hosting offers a remarkable uptime of 99 percent, with some websites running on up to 100 percent uptime. This makes it a highly reliable option for larger businesses that may be running high-powered websites. The company also prioritizes fast performance, with a loading time that is nearly 20x that of the average web hosting services. This is thanks to its use of top-of-the line SSD storage devices rather than standard HDD devices, which are used by most web hosting services.

The impressive performance of A2 Hosting can also be attributed to its powerful servers, which are located in three countries (USA, Singapore and Amsterdam). You can select the server that is nearest to the location of your business in order to enjoy faster loading speeds and optimal performance. All the servers are monitored round the clock to ensure smooth and uninterrupted web performance throughout the year.

A2 has a dedicated customer support team known as ‘Guru Crew Support’ which is available 24/7 to provide technical aid to clients. You can contact customer representatives by raising a ticket online, via chats and phone calls. This hosting service also offers the standard cPanel which allows you to manage and control your website easily and without much hassle.

A2 hosting offers two types of managed VPS hosting packages; Managed VPS and Core VPS hosting. The former begins at a price of about $40 per month, while the latter is priced at roughly $60 per month. In addition to this, the platform offers unmanaged VPS hosting, starting at $5 per month.

Some of the advantages of A2 Hosting include:

  • Fast loading speeds due to SSD storage
  • Efficient and transparent server performance
  • Strong average uptime of 99.9 percent with peak uptime of 100 percent
  • Latest versions of management software
  • User-friendly cPanel

The only downside to using this web hosting service is that it is relatively expensive compared to competitors such as LiquidWeb and iPage.


Fastcomet is a relatively new web hosting provider. This San Francisco-based hosting service currently has a client base of more than 45,000 businesses, spread out in over 80 countries. This makes it one of the web hosting providers with the largest market share. Fastcomet’s web hosting services are facilitated by its eight servers, which are located in several cities across the world, including London, Amsterdam, Singapore, Tokyo and Chicago.

Moreover, the platform has an impressive average uptime of 99.9 percent, and a peak uptime of 100 percent. This ensures that the hosted websites are accessible at any time. The platform also has very good speeds, with fast loading time of upto 887ms. This is highly important, as it promotes faster conversion rates and better search engine optimization for the hosted websites.

Fastcomet greatly prioritizes the security of the websites it hosts. Which is why it employs Cage FS account isolation to ensure a website infected by a malware does not spread the virus across the server. Moreover, the platform’s hosting plans come with free migration feature and Cloudflare CDN to ensure your website is hosted across multiple servers.

Pros and Cons of Fastcomet


  • Strong average uptime of 99.98 percent

  • Great and timely customer support

  • Free CloudFlare CDN

  • Free Migration

  • Its is relatively affordable, compared to other platforms

  • Loading speed could be improved


Hostpapa is an independent web hosting platform from Toronto Canada, which offers several hosting services including shared hosting and VPS hosting. Moreover, the platform has a strong uptime at 99.87 percent, which is ideal for blogs and an e-commerce stores.

Hospapa’s web hosting plans come with plenty of features that are ideal for web performance optimization. It’s lowest tier of hosting plans allows you to host two websites at once. This is different from most other web hosting providers, who only allow single website hosting. The standard package comes with an array of tools and features, including free web transfer, CloudFlare CDN, free SSL certificate, cPanel control panel, starter website builder and 100GB of storage. The platform’s VPS hosting costs range from $50 to $300.

What are the pros and cons of using Fastcomet?


  • 24/7 customer support

  • Reliable uptime

  • Free management tools like CloudFlare CDN and SSL certificate

  • Comes with a variety of features at an affordable rate

  • Hosting plans are rather expensive compared to other web hosts


Hostwinds is an independent web hosting platform based in the US. Some of the services provided on this platform include shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and WordPress. Hostwinds’ standard hosting plan comes with an array of tools and features including:

  • Unlimited disk storage space
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free domain
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Free dedicated IP address
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Nightly backups
  • Free web migration
  • cPanel control panel

Hostwind also comes with a free Weebly site builder that enables you to modify your website easily. Its dedicated servers guarantee an uptime of 99.99 percent, which means your website will probably experience no downtime.

This platform has a friendly customer support team that can be contacted 24/7 to provide solutions to clients’ web performance issues. You can get in touch with the support via live chat, or by submitting a support ticket. The response time is usually very quick, with clients receiving feedback in under 30 seconds after contact has been made.

Some of the pros and cons of Hostwinds include:


  • Strong uptime of up to 99.99 percent

  • Customer support is available 24/7

  • Members get to enjoy a variety of features

  • It has limited data server options

InMotion Hosting

InMotion hosting is one of the oldest and well established web hosting platforms in the industry. The company which has been around since 2001, and it currently hosts over 600,000 domains all over the world. This makes it one of the biggest hosting providers in the world.

Although InMotion hosting varies its features provided depending on the hosting plan, there are several features that are available in all hosting plans. These include:

  • Free SSD drives
  • Free domain name
  • Free data backups
  • Google Apps integration
  • Secure IMAP email

In Motion hosting provides VPS hosting in three tiers. These include:

  • VPS 1000 HA-S, which is priced at $24.99 per month,
  • VPS 2000 HA-S, which begins at $39.99 per month
  • VPS 3000 HA-S which costs $59.99 per month.

While these prices might seem quite expensive compared with ones offered by other web hosting providers, these plans come with more perks. The lowest hosting plan includes 4GB RAM, 75GB storage, 3TB of bandwidth and 3 IP addresses.

The platform guarantees uptime of 100 percent, which ensures that your website is accessible anytime, with absolutely zero lags.

Pros and Cons of InMotion Hosting


  • Various tiers of hosting available

  • Supports different coding languages

  • Great customer support

  • 100 Percent uptime guarantee

  • Free backups, unmetered connection, email addresses and SSD storage

  • The website builder looks outdated

  • You only get the best service with higher priced hosting plans


Hostinger is one of the cheapest web hosting companies that offer shared hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud and VPS hosting. Despite its affordability, Hostinger comes with an array of great management and performance features. The platform offers a six-tier plan for VPS hosting, with the lowest tier starting at $8.95 a month. This comes inclusive of 1GB RAM, 20GB storage and 1000GB of daily data transfer.

Hostinger has a strong uptime guarantee of 99.9 percent, which ensures your website runs smoothly 24/7 throughout the year.

Pros and Cons of Hostinger


  • Good uptime of upto 99.9 percent

  • Affordable VPS hosting plans

  • Comes with a variety of features

  • Customer support does not have phone support.

  • Lacks dedicated hosting


HostGator is one of the oldest and well known web hosting providers. With over 12,000 servers in its management, this platform is arguably one of the biggest web hosts in the world. The company provides several hosting services, including shared hosting, cloud hosting and VPS hosting.

HostGator boasts an impressive average uptime of 99.98 percent, which makes it one of the fastest and most reliable web hosting services in the industry. Although this platform’s plans are remarkably cheap, starting at $2.75 per month, they come with a powerful hosting infrastructure and plenty of performance features.

Moreover, HostGator comes equipped with the latest cPanel control panel that allows for easy navigation and control. Its hosting plan also comes with a website builder, which enables users to modify their websites easily and conveniently.

Some of the pros and cons of HostGator include:


  • Very affordable hosting plans

  • Great customer support

  • Fast cloud hosting

  • Good uptime of upto 99.98 percent

  • Free domain registration not offered


GoDaddy is another reliable platform that offers an uptime of 99.97 percent, and average loading speeds of 517ms. Although its primary focus is on domain registration, the company offers several other services, including shared hosting, dedicated hosting, WordPress, email hosting and VPS hosting.

Their starting hosting plan offers you 150GB and unmetered bandwidth. It also comes with plenty of services, which you can install with just one click. However, you will need to pay extra in order to access features like free migrations, backups and SSL certificates. If you prioritize reliable uptime and fast loading speeds, you probably won’t feel the extra pinch of spending a little money on these performance features.

Pros and Cons of GoDaddy


  • Reliable uptime time of 99.97 percent

  • Various hosting services offered

  • Relatively fast loading speeds

  • Free migration

  • No free SSL certificates and migrations


Bluehost is the largest and most popular website hosting platform in the world. Over 2 million websites are currently hosted on this Utah-based provider. The site is ranked as the top web hosting company, thanks to its reliability, affordability, user-friendly interface and exceptional customer support. While most of the websites supported on this platform are WordPress accounts, the company also provides shared hosting, email hosting and VPS hosting services. The average uptime on Bluehost is about 99.98 percent, which is impressive, considering the huge number of websites that are served with this host.

Moreover, the company has a custom cPanel control that allows you to navigate easily, and control your website as desired. It also features a drag and drop web builder, which allows you to customize your website easily. The company’s hosting plans are reasonably priced, with VPS hosting starting at $18.99. However, this is exclusive of features such as free domain, backup and SSL certificates which you will need to pay extra money for.

Pros and Cons of Bluehost


  • Solid and reliable uptime

  • Cheap hosting rates

  • Large shared storage

  • Unmetered bandwidth

  • Constant upsells

  • Not the best customer support

  • Relatively slow speed compared to competitors


DreamHost is one of the oldest web hosting platforms in the world. This California-based provider currently hosts over 1.5 million companies across the globe.

Interestingly, the company has managed to maintain remarkably good performance despite the large number of websites it hosts. Its average uptime is currently at 99.6 percent, and it has page loading speeds of 719ms.

Some of the main features of Dreamhost plans include:

  • SSD on shared and VPS plans
  • Unlimited domain names
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • User-friendly cPanel

Dreamhost VPS plans come with 8 GB RAM, unlimited bandwidth,customized control panel and 30 GB- 240 GB SSD storage. Their prices are also very attractive, with standard hosting plans starting at $4.95 per month.

Dreamhost has a fast and reliable customer support team, which can be contacted anytime of the day or night via phone or email. There is also a chat forum, where users can interact with customer support in case they have any questions.

Pros and Cons of Dreamhost


  • Fast loading speeds

  • Comes with a website builder

  • Guarantees 100 percent uptime

  • Reliable support

  • No cPanel

  • No phone support


Vultr is a web hosting provider founded in 2014. The site offers VPS hosting through its 16 data centers located in various locations across the world.

The platform guarantees 99.99 percent uptime and fast loading speeds. One of the outstanding features of this hosting provider is its one-click installer, which allows you to conveniently manage your software. It also comes with an easy-to use cPanel which offers you greater control of your website. Hosting prices start at $2.95 a month depending on the type of service you are buying.

In addition to this, the website has has a FAQs section which provides answers to some of the most common problems experienced by users.

Pros and Cons of Vultr


  • Great uptime of up to 99.99 percent

  • Fast loading speeds

  • Plenty of server plans

  • No customer support available

Digital Ocean

Digital ocean is a web hosting service provider that offers virtual Linux servers known as ‘Droplets’. The platform is especially ideal for web developers who are looking to create new website ideas or modify pre existing ones. All hosting plans on Digital Ocean come with the following features:

  • SSD storage
  • DNS management
  • Customized control panel
  • Private networking
  • Cloud firewalls
  • Automated backup

Pros and Cons of Digital Ocean


  • User-friendly interface

  • Attractive prices on services offered

  • Great server quality

  • Reliable support team

  • Plenty of features

  • No live support available


Linode is a Philadelphia-based web hosting service provider founded in 2003 and currently serves companies in over 140 countries. The company has 9 data centers that are served by SSD backup. Linux hosting plans are compatible with Linux only, which is why the company’s target market is web developers. Its hosting plans are competitively priced, with entry level plans starting at $5 per month. Once you purchase the standard plan, you will get 2GB RAM 50GB SSD, 1 Core CPU and 1TB of data transfers. The platform has an average uptime of 99.9 percent, with most websites recording 100 percent uptime throughout the year.

Linode has experienced some safety concerns, most notably in 2012 when eight accounts got 40000 bitcoins stolen. To avoid a repeat of such incidents, the company introduced a two-step verification for all users.

Linode offers 24/7 support via phone, email and a ticketing system. Although it does not have a live chat forum, the support system is still very impressive, with users receiving response within a few minutes after submitting a ticket.

Pros and Cons of Linode


  • Affordable hosting plans

  • High uptime guarantee, throughout the year

  • Great customer support that can be reached at anytime

  • Convenient for web developers

  • Members get to enjoy a variety of features

  • Strict security measures

  • Only supports Linux

  • You have to pay more for extra features such as migrations and domains

A Final Word: So which is the best choice for you?

There are several reasons why you may need to engage the services of a VPS hosting provider. Perhaps your business has grown too big, and can no longer be served by shared hosting services due to slow performance and lags, or you simply want to improve the security of your website. Whatever the reason, you should ideally settle on a VPS hosting service that offers you more control over your website.

However, with plenty of web hosting providers in the market today, you must do your diligence to find a host with the best packages, and one that is able to accomodate the needs of your business within your budget range. I believe that this review has provided you with crucial information on what to expect when purchasing a web hosting service provider.

Sounds good, right?

15 Best Shared Web Hosting Providers in 2020

Shared web hosting is quite popular with website owners, simply because it is economical and very easy to use. However, the fact that multiple users have to share the resources of one large server means that this hosting option can sometimes become painstakingly slow and inflexible.

Essentially, you have to contend with slower response times and grapple with regular downtimes and lagging, depending on the number of websites sharing the server. With this in mind, you need to carry out thorough research before settling for a particular shared web hosting provider.

Thankfully, you do not have to toil. We have made things easier for you by listing 15 of the best-shared web hosting providers in 2019. Read on and find one that fits your hosting needs!



  • Shared hosting starting at $3.95/mo.

  • Managed WordPress Hosting starting at $3.95/mo.

  • Managed WooCommerce Hosting starting at $3.95/mo.

  • Managed Cloud Hosting starting at $80/mo.

  • Dedicated Hosting starting at $269/mo.

Another web host recommended for Drupal, Joomla and WordPress websites is SiteGround. The host is home to over one million domains thereby confirming its position as one of the leading hosting providers available today.

Evidently, the shared hosting solutions offered by SiteGround are simply incomparable. The platform has three shared hosting plans that incorporate the latest speed and security technologies to meet the needs of every customer. These plans include the StartUp plan, the GrowBig plan, and the GoGeek plan.

For only $3.95 per month, you can find the perfect home for your website. The startup plan, which is available at this rate, is ideal for emerging businesses while the GrowBig plan starting at $5.95 per month is suitable for growing businesses that are increasingly receiving additional traffic. On the other hand, the GoGeek plan is the ultimate option for resource-intensive websites. This plan is available at only $11.95 per month, billed annually.

One of the most interesting aspects about SiteGround is that you can submit a request for custom plans to suit your specific requirements. This means that if you require more web space and resources to support the heavy traffic to your site, SiteGround has got you covered.

Amazingly, website migration is free. SiteGround offers professional migration services for all your files and databases. However, this option is only available with GrowBig and GoGeek shared hosting plans. Conversely, StartUp account holders have to pay $30 for every website transfer.

Nevertheless, being charged for website transfer should not be a major concern. If you consider the benefits that you stand to gain, then migrating to SiteGround is worth every dime.
Check out the shared web hosting packages from SiteGround here



  • Shared hosting starting at $2.99/mo.

  • Cloud Web Hosting starting at $2.99/mo.

  • Cloud Compute starting at $5/mo.

  • Semi Dedicated Hosting starting at $15.95/mo.

  • Virtual Private Servers starting at $5/mo.

  • Reseller Hosting starting at $12.99/mo.

First up the list is HawkHost. Previously known as Devoted Host, HawkHost has been in the business of web hosting since 2004 before rebranding in 2008 following the exit of one of its founders. This means that you can expect over 15 years of hosting experience, with shared web hosting as its core business.

The company offers two shared hosting plans, with prices starting at only $2.99 per month for the primary plan and $7.99 for the professional plan. However, you have to pay two years upfront to enjoy these low prices. The good news is that they have a 30-day money-back guarantee, meaning that you can opt-out at any time within 30 days after signing up.

In terms of hosting, all members enjoy a wide range of unlimited options, including uncapped bandwidth to free unlimited SSL certificates. The company also offers free migrations, in case you are moving from a different hosting provider. The only restriction is that the primary plan offers 10,000MB SSD disk space, unlike the professional plan that provides unlimited storage space.

Another exciting feature is their easy-to-use control panel that allows you to manage your website seamlessly. Moreover, HawkHost offers one-click application installers that you can use to get your site up and running, even if you do not have the technical expertise. The best part is that these extras are included in the price.

With 7-day automatic backups and a 99.9% uptime guarantee, HawkHost is certainly a shared web hosting provider worth checking out in 2019 and beyond.
Check out the shared web hosting packages from HawkHost here


hostwinds sharedPlans

  • Shared hosting starting at $3.29/mo.

  • Business Web Hosting starting at $5.64/mo.

  • Reseller Web Hosting starting at $3.29/mo.

  • Linux VPS Hosting starting at $4.49/mo.

  • Cloud Server Hosting starting at $0.006931/hr.

  • Dedicated Servers starting at $79.5/mo.

Hostwinds has been around since 2010. Despite its short span in the industry, the company has experienced considerable growth over this period to become one of the leading shared hosting providers.

The company provides three shared hosting plans, including Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate. All three plans are wallet-friendly, and they come with unlimited bandwidth and disk space, with the Ultimate plan providing unlimited domains as well.

What is even more amazing is that Hostwinds provides free nightly backups plus 24/7 website monitoring. Furthermore, the company has invested heavily in its support services by enlisting some of the best brains in the industry. Considering this, you can always rest assured that your website and data are secured, should anything arise.

As with most hosting providers listed herein, Hostwinds offers one-click application installers that you may use to install your WordPress website. They also provide a drag and drop website builder that you can use to create your personal or business site from scratch, even if you do not have any technical experience.

As if that is not enough, Hostwinds has an advanced control panel that is extremely user-friendly. The panel comes with a wide range of website management tools that you can use to handle all facets of your site like a pro.

You may start your hosting journey with the basic option, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t opt for the ultimate plan given that the price difference less than $2 per month. (Basic-$3.29/mo, Advanced $4.23/mo, Ultimate $5.17/mo).
Check out the shared web hosting packages from hostwinds here



  • Shared hosting starting at $3.95/mo.

  • Shared WordPress Hosting starting at $3.95/mo.

  • Managed
    WordPress Hosting starting at $19.95/mo.

  • VPS Hosting starting at $19.99/mo.

  • Dedicated Hosting starting at $79.99/mo.

Bluehost does not require any introduction, as it is one of the top-rated providers as far as shared hosting is concerned. The company is widely acclaimed for its exceptional hosting services. Firstly, it has one of the best uptimes at 99.99% plus fast load times of 406ms. It is therefore not surprising that this platform is home to over 2 million websites.

Bluehost offers four types of plans specifically designed for shared hosting. These include Basic, Plus, Choice Plus and Go Pro hosting plans. The basic plan is well suited for beginners given that it is simple and affordable. In any case, it only offers 50GB storage space, 1 domain, 5 parked domains, and 25 subdomains.

The other three plans, including Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro come with unmetered storage space, bandwidth, free SSL certificates, unlimited domains, unlimited email accounts and marketing offers worth more than $200. Besides the price, the considerable differences between the three revolve around the fact that some have additional features such as dedicated IP, domain privacy, code guard and site backup.

Pricing can be an issue since not all these hosting plans come cheaply. You have to pay 3 years upfront to enjoy their introductory price of $2.75 per month for a Basic membership. In addition, the extra features such as Code guard and Site Lock are billed annually separately from the main package.

If you are planning to migrate from another host, then you’ll be in for a rude shock. Bluehost charges $149 for website migrations. Considering this, we advise you to build your site from scratch using their free website builders and one-click app installation.
Check out the shared web hosting packages from bluehost here



  • Shared hosting starting at $2.75/mo.

  • WordPress Hosting starting at $5.95/mo.

  • Website
    Builder starting at $3.84/mo.

  • VPS Hosting starting at $29.95/mo.

  • Dedicated Hosting starting at $119/mo.

Hostgator is another top brand worth checking out. This hosting provider offers its customers a wide range of exciting features including unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, free SSL certificates, and unlimited email accounts, among others.

Moreover, Hostgator affordable shared hosting plans, which include Hatchling, Baby and Business plans. The Hatching plan is suitable for beginners, while the Baby plan is ideal for growing businesses. The Business plan, on the other hand, is appropriate for established businesses.

What is even more intriguing is that you do not need any technical experience in coding to build your first website. Hostgator will provide you with tools, themes, and templates to set up your first professional site. Besides, they also have a one-click application installer that you can use to launch your website within a matter of seconds.

Instead of the conventional 30-day money-back guarantee, Hostgator has a 45-day guarantee. This gives you more time to try out their offerings, and you may ask for a refund if the services do not meet your expectations.

On top of that, their uptime is 99.98 percent, which is not bad after all. Furthermore, their loading speeds are extremely fast at 432ms. Therefore, if you are experiencing slow speeds with your current host, you can make the move and migrate to Hostgator free of charge!

The only drawback is that Hostgator has unreasonably high renewal rates. You may pay up to $14.95 per month from $2.99 per month as soon as the billing period ends. Considering this, it is important to confirm the renewal prices of the particular hosting plan you intend to buy.
Check out the shared web hosting packages from Hostgator here



  • Shared hosting starting at $2.59/mo.

  • Managed WordPress Hosting starting at $16.95/mo.

  • WooCommerce Hosting starting at $16.95/mo.

  • VPS Hosting starting at $10/mo.

  • Dedicated Hosting starting at $149/mo.

  • Cloud Computing starting at $4.5/mo.

DreamHost is home to over 1.5 million websites thanks to their impeccable shared web hosting solutions, particularly for WordPress sites.

Whether you want to host one website or multiple websites in one place, DreamHost has the right plans tailored to fit your specific needs. The first option is the Starter Shared Plan. This plan comes with a free domain, unlimited bandwidth, fast SSD storage, free WP website builder and free SSL certificates. However, you have to pay an additional $1.67 per month to add professional email accounts to your domain.

The second option is the Shared Unlimited plan. As the name suggests, this plan offers unlimited features, including all the offerings available with the Starter Shared plan. You also get to enjoy free unlimited email accounts.

Notably, all shared hosting plans feature a powerful 1-click installer that you can use to launch your website quickly and seamlessly. Moreover, the easy-to-use control panel gives you maximum control over the management of your website, email accounts, and domains.

At first glance, DreamHost shared plans might seem like the real deal, but the truth is that there is a catch. You have to pay an extra $99 with the purchase of a shared plan if you want to transfer your WordPress website from your previous host to DreamHost. Now, this is unreasonably expensive, particularly if you are just starting out.

Despite the few shortcomings, DreamHost remains a popular choice, especially among WordPress website owners.
Check out the shared web hosting packages from DreamHost here



  • Shared hosting starting at $5/mo.

  • Reseller Hosting starting at $19.95/mo.

  • ASP.NET Web Hosting starting at $5/mo.

  • VPS Hosting starting at $6/mo.

  • Dedicated Hosting starting at $50/mo.

Imagine what it would be like if you had unlimited access to 450+ cloud apps, ultra SSD storage, unlimited email accounts and free website migration for just $5 per month! Well, this is precisely what you stand to gain by choosing Interserver as your shared hosting provider.

Interserver might not be a household name beyond the United States, but the company has been around for close to 20 years. It is renowned for its exceptional web hosting services available at extremely affordable rates. Above all, Interserver is widely acclaimed for its top-notch security mechanisms.

Interestingly, Interserver does not have multiple shared hosting plans. Instead, the company offers one standard package that comes with almost everything that you will need to host and manage your website.

Some of the top features include unlimited storage space, unlimited data transfer, webmail access, weekly backups, speed optimizations, spam filtering, SSL certificates, and unlimited email accounts. The available features are so many you will certainly be spoilt for choice.

As if that is not enough, Interserver has an advanced control panel that is very easy to use. The platform also provides a WordPress installer to its WP clientele base for easy installation.

Besides offering excellent web hosting services, Interserver primarily focuses on protecting all its members by providing security solutions such as automatic virus scanners, machine learning firewalls, in-house malware database and blockage of web attacks. With their state-of-the-art Intershield security, you can always rest assured that your website will remain safe at all times.
Check out the shared web hosting packages from Interserver here



  • Shared hosting starting at $2.95/mo.

  • Managed WordPress Hosting starting at $2.95/mo.

  • Fully Managed SSD Cloud VPS starting at $59.95/mo.

  • Managed WooCommerce Hosting starting at $2.95/mo.

  • Fully Managed Dedicated CPU Servers starting at $139/mo.

If you are searching for a web hosting platform that is solid, reliable and affordable, then look no further than FastComet. This platform offers three different shared cloud hosting plans, including FastCloud, FastCloud Plus, and FastCloud Extra.

Prices start at $2.95 per month with the priciest plan going for only $5.95 per month. Interestingly, all plans come with unlimited FTP accounts, databases, sub-domains, SSL certificates, and CloudFlare CDN. You will also enjoy free website transfers from your previous host. The only missing jigsaw with the FastCloud plan is that you can only host one website at a time. All the other plans support the hosting of multiple websites.

Additionally, the maximum storage varies from 15GB to 35GB depending on the plan you choose. While the limited storage might be of slight concern, FastComet makes up for this by using SSD drives to prevent data loss and ensure efficient storage.

Notably, all shared hosting plans feature a user-friendly control panel and a one-click app installer. If you want to build a professional website from scratch, you can easily do so using the free drag & drop website builder provided by FastComet

Even though FastComet has 99.98 uptime, its load time is something of great concern in that it takes up to 887ms to load a single page. However, the company makes up for this shortcoming by guaranteeing exceptional web performance.

Moreover, the company’s customer support is simply impeccable. You may contact the support team via live chat for fast correspondence. What is even more amazing is that the person on the other end of the chat is a real human rather than a bot.
Check out the shared web hosting packages from FastComet here


iPage is one of the oldest web hosting providers in business today, having been around for the past two decades. Despite its old age, the company always finds a way to introduce fresh ideas with all their hosting plans.

Unbelievably, prices for shared hosting starts at $1.99 for the first month and then $2.99 per month afterward ( billed annually). There is no better way to introduce new customers to this platform. Some of the exciting features that you should expect from iPage include free domain registration, unlimited web space, unlimited domains, MySQL databases, scalable bandwidth, and customizable email addresses.

What is even more amazing is that the shared hosting plan offered by iPage includes free marketing tools worth a staggering $500. You may use these tools to promote your website and attract traffic to your business or personal blog.

Furthermore, iPage boasts of world-class technology that revolves around advanced one-click installers, mobile-optimized site builders, drag & drop builders, vDeck control panels and PayPal integration for e-commerce sites. In addition, the company offers its customers an enhanced security suite worth $100 free of charge, further securing your website from hackers.

The only major concern about iPage is that their renewal rates are somehow unreasonable. They charge between $7.99 and $9.99 per month at the end of the introductory rates. Moreover, if you opt to terminate your subscription, you have to pay a non-refundable fee of $15 if you want to keep your iPage domain.

Despite this single drawback, iPage remains one of the least expensive web hosting providers, especially if you pay 36 months upfront.
Check out the shared web hosting packages from iPage here



  • Shared hosting starting at $0.80/mo.

  • WordPress Hosting starting at $0.80/mo.

  • Cloud Hosting starting at $7.15/mo.

  • VPS Hosting starting at $3.95/mo.

  • Windows VPS Hosting starting at $26/mo.

Hostinger has undeniably one of the lowest rates for shared hosting, with prices starting at less than a dollar as at the time of writing! This platform offers three shared hosting plans tailored to meet your everyday hosting needs.

The Single plan is the least expensive on the list, starting at an insanely low price of only $0.80 per month. This plan is ideal for personal websites and bloggers who are just starting out given that it supports only one website and it comes with one free email account.

The Premium plan is the second available option, starting at $2.15 per month. This hosting plan comes with a wide range of features including free domain registration, unlimited websites, unlimited email accounts, unmetered bandwidth, and weekly backups. You also get to enjoy one free business mailbox for 6 months.

The third shared hosting option is the Business plan. As the name suggests, this plan is suitable for both growing and established businesses. It comes with everything available with Premium shared hosting plus other extras such as free SSL certificates, daily backups, and webmail access. What is even more interesting is that you get all these exciting features at only $3.45 per month.

Even though the promotional prices are not set to last, Hostinger remains an affordable option. In addition, they have a 99.9% uptime guarantee, super-fast speeds, and excellent support. Considering all these features, joining Hostinger is certainly worth every dollar you have to spend.
Check out the shared web hosting packages from Hostinger here

Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting is another solid web host worth checking out. You’ll discover from the onset that Inmotion plans are simple and straightforward. They have three business shared hosting plans, including the Launch Plan, Power Plan, and Pro Plan.

The Launch Plan starts at only $6.39 p/m and it offers various features such as a free domain name, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited storage, free email account, and free marketing tools. You can host up to two different websites when you subscribe to this package.

The Power Plan is an upgrade that allows you to host up to six different websites. With prices starting at $8.49 p/m, the Power plan comes with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email account, and marketing tools. It also provides double the performance and it features a distinct security suite.

Lastly, the Pro Plan is available at $14.71 p/m. It comes with all the features available with the previous plans. However, it doesn’t stop there! The Pro Plan offers 4X the performance and you can host as many websites as you wish with this plan. You will also receive pro-level support from the Inmotion team in case of any problems with your account.

Despite the high hosting rates, Inmotion remains a strong contender given that their loading speeds, security mechanisms, uptime, and overall performance are above par. You will certainly get value for your money by joining Inmotionhosting as your next host.
Check out the shared web hosting packages from Inmotionhosting here


If you are looking for a lowly priced host that you can rely on for your hosting needs, then look no further than NameCheap. As their name implies, NameCheap focuses on providing affordable hosting solutions to everyone. Instead of paying annual fees, they have a monthly billing cycle, allowing you to test-run their services for longer before committing.

Previously, NameCheap had four different shared hosting plans. However, they have reduced the packages to three in line with their new pricing model. The three shared web hosting plans include Stellar, Stellar Plus and Stellar Business.

The Stellar plan costs only $1.44 per month and it comes with 20GB storage space, 50 MySQL databases, 50 email accounts, and unmetered bandwidth. However, customers are limited to only 3 websites. The Stellar Plus plan, on the other hand, costs $2.44 p/m. It comes with unmetered SSD storage space and you can host as many websites as you wish when you purchase this plan. Besides, you also get automatic backups thereby ensuring that your data is safe and secure.

The last shared hosting offering is the Stellar Business plan. As suggested by its name, this plan is ideal for growing and established businesses. Costing only $4.40 p/m, this plan features 50 GB of powered SSD storage and you can store as many websites as you want. The plan also offers unmetered bandwidth and automatic backups. To make up for the limited storage space, Stellar Business provides unrestricted cloud storage.
Check out the shared web hosting packages from Namecheap here


GoDaddy is undeniably one of the world’s largest web hosting providers and domain name registrars. They boast of a customer base of over 17 million subscribers from across the globe.

Considering the high number of subscribers, one would expect that their shared hosting is very slow. However, nothing could be further from the truth. GoDaddy has over 35,000 servers worldwide, meaning that the company can adequately support your hosting needs with no worries.

Moreover, GoDaddy has four shared hosting plans designed just for you. Whether you have a static two-page website or an advanced, dynamic website, you will also find a plan that fits your requirements. The four hosting packages include Economy, Deluxe, Ultimate and Maximum.

The Economy plan costs £2.99 p/m and it offers basic resources ideal for starter websites. Some of the available features include 100GB storage space, unmetered bandwidth, free domain registration, and a free office email account. The Deluxe plan costs £3.99 p/m and it comes with all the features available with the Economy plan. However, you get to enjoy unlimited storage space, and unlimited websites and sub-domains.

Prices for the Ultimate plan start at £6.99 p/m only. The plan is suitable for complex websites that require more resources given that it comes with all Deluxe features plus more processing power and memory.

The last shared hosting package by GoDaddy is the Maximum plan. This package costs £9.99 per month and it comes with all the features available with the three previous packages. However, you will also receive free SSL certificates, double the processing power, and maximum memory.

Despite the low prices, GoDaddy has a reputation of being a bit too aggressive with their upsells and cross-sells. In effect, you may end up paying more for features you do not need.
Check out the shared web hosting packages from GoDaddy here


FatCow has been around since 1998, providing affordable web hosting solutions to startups, small businesses as well as individual website owners. The company belongs to the Endurance International Group, which also owns web hosts such as iPage, Hostgator and Bluehost.

What makes FatCow different from other web hosts within their group is that their shared hosting plans are extremely affordable. They have the Original FatCow Plan that costs $2.75 per month and WP hosting, which is tailored for WordPress websites and it costs $3.75 per month.

All hosting plans come with exciting features such as unlimited bandwidth, free email accounts and domains, and unlimited storage space. You will also be able to access their free website builder, e-commerce tools, marketing tools, and app installers.

The best part is that all these packages feature a customized control panel tailored to fit your everyday hosting needs. In effect, you can create your own website from scratch and launch it the same day even if you do not have any technical experience. The cPanel allows you to monitor and manage your website seamlessly.

As if that is not enough, FatCow performs free backups daily meaning that you will never have to worry about losing your data. Moreover, they have dozens of free tutorials that you can use to learn how to manage your account and websites effortlessly.

Moreover, FatCow utilizes the latest state of the art technology to guarantee fast loading speeds and superior website performance. With this in mind, there is no reason why you shouldn’t make FatCow your next host.
Check out the shared web hosting packages from FatCow here


mocha host sharedPlan

  • Shared hosting starting at $1.95/mo.

  • Managed WordPress Hosting starting at $2.48/mo.

  • Reseller Web Hosting starting at $9.87/mo.

  • VPS Hosting starting at $7.98/mo.

  • Dedicated Cloud Servers starting at $19/mo.

MochaHost might not be the flashiest web host on the planet, but they do have affordable and reliable hosting plans that will surely turn your head. The platform offers three hosting packages, including Soho, Business and Mocha.

Hosting prices start at $1.93 only with the most expensive package (Mocha) going for only $4.97 per month. The Soho plan, which is the least expensive, supports unlimited monthly traffic and it comes with unlimited disk space and email accounts. The Business Plan costs only $3.48 per month and it comes with unlimited domains, free lifetime SSL certificates, unmetered storage space, and free email accounts.

The ultimate hosting package is the Mocha Plan. This package comes with all the features available in the two lower-tier plans. What makes the Mocha plan different is that it offers turbo server power despite the fact that it is a shared web hosting plan.

If you want to make the move from other hosting providers, you no longer have to worry about transfer fees. MochaHost offers free migration assistance by providing in-depth tutorials that you can use to transfer your website from your previous host.

Moreover, if you do not have a website, you can use their premium website builder to create your own site from scratch. The site builder comes with over 500 professional themes and templates that you can use to spruce up your website.

Other features that Mocha provides to their clients include 24/7 technical support, and round-the-clock server monitoring. They also have a 100 percent uptime guarantee, meaning that your site will never go offline.
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Hostinger Black Friday 2019 Deal: [90% discount] *$0.80/mon*

Hostinger was actually established in 2004. It has been several years since the fire started. The vast majority of people may not know the hoster yet, but if we talk about “000webhost” and “hostinger”, it must be the memory of many people. ! Yes, they are all one! Hostinger has now registered companies in the United States, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, specializing in hosting services, and also obtained ICANN’s authorization to operate domain names in 2014. This Black Friday is the big promotion of “Virtual Host” and “VPS”.


Official website:

Officials have launched websites suitable for local languages in 40 countries and regions, including simplified Chinese of course. Payment methods also include our Chinese “Alipay, WeChat”, paypal, credit cards, etc.

Virtual Host

Cpanel panel, SSD hard disk, support SS (the cheapest one does not support) and Cronjobs, especially suitable for WordPress, the official has clear instructions: Best-in-Class WordPress Performance HTTP/2 and IPv6 Enabled, PHP 7, Nginx Caching, GZIP compression, spam and threat detection.Get better SEO, visixxxx retention, and conversions with cutting-edge technology, which can serve up to 3x more requests per second.

Cloud Host

The actual or virtual host, with all the functions of the virtual host, propaganda is 3 times faster than ordinary virtual host; In addition, independent IP, free SSL, memory and CPU are more independent and have higher performance!