Impact VPS Review 2023

Following numerous advancements in technology, website owners now have multiple hosting options, and one of them is VPS. Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a web hosting solution that allows businesses and individuals to store and manage their websites independently.

Essentially, a VPS is a single server divided into multiple virtual machines using virtualization software thus allowing each website owner to have their own space in the virtual server. VPS literally eliminates some of the limitations of shared hosting while leveraging on the flexibility of dedicated server hosting.

Each virtual private server has its own operating system and website owners do not have to share resources. These features translate to better website performance and enhanced security.

With that said, this review explains some of the reasons why you should consider Impact VPS for your VPS hosting needs.

What is Impact VPS?

Impact VPS is a company that provides VPS and shared hosting solutions to individuals, startups and medium-sized businesses. While the company offers numerous hosting solutions, it focuses more on their VPS services. Impact VPS has invested heavily on the latest hardware and software to ensure that customers receive world class VPS hosting solutions at affordable rates.

Impact VPS belongs to Subnet Labs LLC, which is a company based in Mechanicsburg, PA. The company has been actively in business since March 2015, providing access to dynamic Seattle SSD cloud servers to its customers.

Impact VPS Hosting Plans and Pricing

The main difference between Impact VPS and other platforms is their hosting plans. Impact VPS allows you to modify existing hosting plans based on your needs. Moreover, you can upgrade from one plan to the next easily whenever you need more resources. Here are Impact VPS hosting plans:


The VDR 4 is the most affordable hosting plan offered by Impact VPS. The plan costs as little as $12 per month, and it comes with 4 core processors,4GB RAM,45GB SSD storage space and 2,000GB bandwidth. Moreover, you will also get 5 IP addresses for up to 5 different websites.


VDR 8 is the next option recommended for growing businesses that require more resources. This plan costs $24 per month and it runs using 8 core processors for enhanced performance. The plan offers 8GB RAM,90GB SSD storage space,4,000GB bandwidth and up to 10 IPs. With this plan, you can host up to 10 different websites in one server.

VDR 12

This VPS plan runs using 12 core processors. It features 12GB RAM,135GB SSD storage space and up to 6,000GB bandwidth. Moreover, you can host up to 15 different websites on your virtual private server. In terms of pricing, VDR 12 costs $36 per month.

VDR 16

If you need more resources for your growing hosting needs, then consider purchasing the VDR 16 plan. This plan runs on 16 cores, and it offers 16GB RAM,180GB SSD storage space, and up to 8,000GB bandwidth. Moreover, you can store up to 20 websites at a go on your private server at a cost of $48 per month.

VDR 20

The ultimate Impact VPS plan is the VDR 20. This plan runs on 20 cores, offering 20GB RAM,225GB SSD storage space,10,000GB bandwidth and up to 25 domains. The best part is that it costs only $60 per month, which is reasonable considering the numerous benefits you stand to gain by subscribing to this plan.

Impact VPS Pros and Cons


Custom Plans

You can select your preferred plan and modify it by spreading resources across one or multiple servers to suit your specific hosting needs. Moreover, all plans are reasonably priced making them accessible to all customers.

Custom Control Panel

Impact VPS provides all customers with a custom control panel that you can use to start, stop and reboot your private server as you wish. This gives you more control as you are able to monitor and allocate resources accordingly.

Advanced Hardware & Software

The company employs the latest hardware and software to ensure that their customers receive excellent VPS hosting services. The platform uses the latest Intel E5 V3 processors and SSD-only storage disks for optimum I/O performance

Guaranteed Uptime

Another amazing highlight is that Impact VPS uses fully redundant PSUs and NICs for their servers. This means that the servers will always remain up even when the hardware fails for whatever reasons.

Money-back Guarantee

Impact VPS offers a money-back guarantee on all their services. You can request for a refund within the first month in case the services offered do not meet your expectations. The best part is that your refund will arrive in your bank account within 3 days after filing a claim.

24/7 Support

Impact VPS has invested heavily in customer support. The company offers around the clock support to all clients throughout the year.


Single Data Center Location

One of the major drawbacks about this platform is that they only have a single data center located in Seattle. This means that customers from far-flung regions will experience some latency in terms of website speeds and performance. The good news is that plans are already underway to open other data centers in Europe and in the southern states.

No Unlimited Options

Impact VPS does not have unlimited options. Features such as RAM, bandwidth, domains and storage space are all limited depending on the price plan you choose.

Is Impact VPS worth joining?

Impact VPS is a great platform for all your web hosting needs. The company provides sufficient resources ranging from high bandwidth to vast storage space to support your hosting needs. What’s more amazing is that you can create your preferred plan the way you want by spreading resources accordingly. The best part is that all Impact VPS plans are highly affordable, making it possible for customers to migrate from shared hosting to VPS hosting. The only concern is that Impact VPS has a single data center in Seattle. However, considering all the benefits that this platform has to offer, joining Impact VPS is worth every dime.

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