SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review 2022 – Top Performance, Speed, and Security?

SiteGround is respected for its beginner-friendly tech support and WordPress expertise. But how great is SiteGround? While several users have shared how incredible this hosting service is further down the site, how true is this?

Probably, these amazing customer satisfaction reviews and ratings are nothing but statistical flukes. Or, perhaps they don’t mean that SiteGround is the perfect choice for your hosting requirements.

Therefore, is SiteGround the right choice your needs?

Don’t stop reading! I’ll provide you with detail and comprehensive explanation to what SiteGround offers, including its Pros and Cons.

SiteGround Overview

SiteGround is a privately-owned hosting provider found in 2004. This company is based and has two offices in Bulgari. They also are located in Madrid, Spain.

Different from EIG’s twin emperors bluehost and hostgator, SiteGround pays more attention to products, services and cost performance, which also results in its low profit, which is so low that it seldom appears in advertising and marketing activities. If no one recommends it, few people know it, but it is not profitable, so it is worth recommending.

People who have not heard of SiteGround may mistake it for a small company, but in fact it is a large company with 2 million users worldwide.

People who are not familiar with web hosting may have no idea of this number. 2 million is already the first step in the world, because Alibaba Cloud has only 2.3 million users, while bluehost has been hovering at 2 million for the past six years, with almost no growth.

This website promotes a number of different hosting plans – WordPress, shared, dedicated, and cloud – among other specialized plans. Customers can also take advantage of the free SSL certificates and Cloudflare CDN. Also, their shared plans pack a bunch of features.

In addition to that, you should expect a rock sold server from SiteGround because that’s what they offer. Plus, the uptime is quite impressive.

In the past 2018, SiteGround’s global user satisfaction was as high as 98%, and 98 out of 100 people in inside said it was easy to use.

But, these features are not the top reason why most people are pleased with SiteGround. According to the hundreds of reviews online, most customers are always happy with their support.

Now, let’s dig a bit deeper!

SiteGround is recommended by WordPress (the world’s largest self-built website program, which is used for 1/3 of the world’s websites).

wordpress recommend siteground
SiteGround was recommended by Joomla (the world’s second largest self-built station program).

joomla recommend siteground
SiteGround is recommended by Drupal (the world’s third largest self-built station program).

drupal recommend siteground
SiteGround was recommended by woocommerce (the world’s largest e-commerce self-establishment program).

woocommerce recommend siteground
SiteGround was recommended by yoast (wordpress SEO plug-in NO.1).

yoast recommend siteground
SiteGround is recommended by sucuri (wordpress security plug-in NO.1).

sucuri recommend siteground
SiteGround is recommended by wp rocket (wordpress cache acceleration plug-in NO.1).

wprocket siteground
SiteGround is recommended by wpml (wordpress multilingual plugin NO.1).

wpml recommend siteground
SiteGround was recommended by CDN Cloudflare (the world’s largest free CDN website acceleration).

cloudflare recommend siteground
In addition to the official endorsement, SiteGround has always been highly rated whenever it comes to hosting space on facebook or twitter.

facebook recommend siteground
Not only that, in places like quora and reddit that tell the truth, when someone asks who is better, hostgator or bluehost, the answer inside actually shows up ……

quora recommend siteground
In short, SiteGround is currently the world’s most popular and highly rated wordpress host. If someone asks 2019 which is the most cost effective, who is the most suitable host for wordpress foreign trade station? This site does not hesitate to recommend you to purchase SiteGround.

SiteGround Hosting Plans

As said earlier, SiteGround offers cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, shared hosting, and dedicated hosting plans. If you’re new, then you should probably try out the shared hosting plans it might be just what you need. However, you need to make sure that this hosting company offers other packages you may want to upgrade to when your site eventually grows.

So, let’s check out the features of SiteGround hosting plans.

Shared Hosting

For beginners or new websites, it is always recommended to start with the shared hosting plan. This plan is great for low traffic websites, as only large sites require dedicated or VPS/cloud hosting. In the shared hosting market, SiteGround performs exceptionally great and distinguishes itself from others.

WordPress hosting

The hosting company offers WordPress users an optimized form of their shared hosting plan. There’s no huge difference. While it comes with the same disk space, visits, features, the only difference is installing WordPress is absolutely free. In addition, its in-house WordPress optimizations designed to help improve your website’s performance.

Cloud Hosting

The cloud hosting plan is a great choice for a website with lots of traffic and demands. It permits users to apply multiple servers’ resources on cloud architecture. It’s recommended for popular blogs, growing sites, or businesses.

SiteGround cloud hosting plan comes in 4 different packages – Super Power, Business Plus, Business, and Entry.

All of these clouding hosting packages offer a monthly data transfer of 5 TB. Even the least, Entry plan, comes 2 CPU cores, 40 GB disk and RAM of 4GB, which is extremely powerful, as well.

Dedicated servers

This hosting plan provides you with an entire server for website needing more stability and power. While dedicated servers offer users additional power, it comes with a hefty price tag. However, this plan seems to be marred with a downside, which is users are responsible for managing the server.

Similarly, it comes with three plans – Super Power, Power, and Entry. These plans are available with a monthly bandwidth of 10 TB and built on Intel Xeon processors. Note, they differ as to disk space, RAM, and CPU cores.

Enterprise hosting

The Enterprise hosting plan is meant for high traffic and large businesses sites having troubles with server requirements. SiteGround helps build and manage a custom server built for your specific sites’ server requirements.

Further Break Down of wordpress Hosting Plans

Just like other hosting plans offered by SiteGround, the shared hosting plan comes in three levels to fit into everyone’s budget.

  1. Startup – this plan only allows one website to be hosted. It features a disk space about 10 GB, which is enough for a site with about 10,000 monthly visits. Plus, users get all the necessary features such as free setup, daily backups, website transfer, 1-click WordPress install, and many more.
  2. GrowBig – Unlike startup hosting plan, this allows users to host an endless number of websites. It includes a 20 GB disk space, and it’s an excellent choice for site receiving about 25,000 visitors per months. Also, you enjoy all the benefits offered on the premium plans. Plus, you enjoy other premium features such as a year free wildcard SSL, Super Cacher, and lots more.
  3. GoGeek – the GoGeel plan is mainly used by small eCommerce sites. It handles sites with about 10,000 visitors per months. In addition to all benefits featured on the GrowBig’s, you also have access to other advanced features such as Joomla and WordPress staging, 1-click git repo creation, and many more.

Pros and Cons of SiteGround Hosting


The main categories review in this section for SiteGround’s performance includes support, speed, and uptime. Moreover, these three categories play an integral part in the success of your site.

Also, there are other couples of areas web host can take advantage to be different from the competition, such as extra plan features. This contributes to the positive reviews and overall ratings, and I’ve found that SiteGrounds features a few, which we will discuss below:

High Uptime – 99.99%

siteground uptime

The normal running time of the server is very important, as long as anyone who has run the website knows it.

If your website has traffic, if the web hosting is unstable, out of order and down, the possible losses are: unable to edit the website normally, lost website files, Google’s ranking dropped and visitors lost.

SiteGround provides excellent stability even when there are unexpected spikes in traffic since the platform is running on Linux container. Also, they are pioneers of account isolation technology to ensure additional securities.

That’s not all. SiteGround has its proactive server monitoring system programmed not only to monitor the servers every half-seconds but also to fix any issues without any human aid.

The result of our test site on SiteGround showed an average uptime of 99.9 percent, which is about 0.05 better than the industry threshold value of 99.94 percent.

Last year, 2018, SiteGround only had about 20 outages, unlike other web hosting providers with over 2000 outages.

At the same time, security is also one of the main factors in choosing the host company.

Why do more than 90% of people choose web hosting over vps? The main reason is that vps requires you to manage and maintain the server yourself. If you don’t understand, there are hidden dangers in security, while we hosting’s security is built-in.

Above Average Load Time

Many people are bewitched to use VPS to build websites, but they dislike bluehost for being too slow.

But to be fair, bluehost is generally better than vps. After all, VPS does not care about anything and is more responsible for its own safety. Anyone with common sense will not use VPS when building websites.

What then? If you use SiteGround, it is different. Without any optimization, the speed is as follows.

  • cheapest StartUp program
  • U.S. Computer Room
  • WordPress is installed by default and https is enabled.
  • GTmetrix 0.8s / Pindom 483ms
siteground wordpress GTmetrix
  • SiteGround’s cheapest StartUp program
  • Avada 5.6.2 latest DEMO, https open
  • U.S. Computer Room
  • GTmetrix 2.7s / Pindom 1.68s
siteground plan2 GTmetrix

For ten months, the test site on SiteGround has a 714 ms average page load time, which is more 100ms faster than the typical 890 ms average load times noticed with most web hosts.

siteground loading speed
SiteGround’s speed test results are ahead of other peers, with the first loading speed of 1.68s and the optimized website opening speed of 1.3s In fact, SiteGround is fast for a reason, because its speed and technology are world-class.

siteground speed technologies

Siteground speed technology

  • Solid state disk, 20 times faster than HHD ordinary hard disk
  • Nginx web Server Technology, Suitable for Large Traffic Websites
  • Unique SuperCacher Cache Acceleration Mechanism, 3-Level website acceleration
  • The unique SG Optimizer optimization plug-in can GZIP compress and merge JavaScript and CSS files.
  • CDN website acceleration of Cloudflare, 152 nodes in the world, makes your website open faster.
  • The HTTP/2 network protocol not only speeds up the opening of websites, but also makes websites safer.
  • HHVM and PHP version are the first in the industry. Excellent performance makes PHP execute faster.

This means SiteGround is one of the quickest web hostings we’ve ever seem. On top of that, it’s very consistent with no slow loading times or spike whatsoever.

Highly Responsive & Knowledge Support

This is one area SiteGround put lots of focus and attention. Considering the numbers of tickets, chat, and phone calls they have to attend to every day, this shows that web hosting provider places customers satisfaction before anything else.

Take live chat as an example. SiteGround is almost a second response, while bluehost has to wait a few minutes. This alone will explode bluehost.

1,First, when you make a phone call, Siteground picks up the phone immediately without waiting!

When you make a call, you usually encounter urgent problems. It is very important for service providers to answer the call immediately at this time. Unfortunately, many companies cannot do it. Only SiteGround and two other hosts responded immediately.

  • Siteground: Pick up the phone immediately.
  • The waiting time for 4 companies exceeded 10 minutes.
  • Only the other two companies picked it up immediately.
  • 90% of the hosts do not have non-US phones.
siteground general phone waittime
2, When you use livechat to contact customer service, SiteGround will solve the problem within 5 minutes.

We contacted 12 tested companies and SiteGround’s LiveChat through the same simple request, and recorded the time required to solve the problem, including the waiting time before the chat was extracted.

  • 2 tested companies do not have chat support!
  • Average waiting time before answering: 10 minutes.
  • Average resolution: 21 minutes.
  • Only 4 hosts solved the problem in 10 minutes
siteground general chat resolution
3. Submit the form. Siteground’s reply is the fastest and can help you solve the problem.

We asked each company three questions through the form system: one is general, one is related to WordPress, and one is related to Joomla. We averaged the first response time and resolution time of each company according to the three problems.

  • Siteground is the first reply, 8 minutes!
  • The average industry responded for the first time for about 8 hours.
  • Only 2 companies are under one hour.
  • No other company is less than 10 minutes!

siteground tickets reply
Quick reply is of course important, but more important is to solve the problem! And only

  • SiteGround solves more problems faster!
  • Only SiteGround and four other companies have solved these three problems.
  • Average industry resolution time: 11 hours.
  • SiteGround average resolution time: 31 minutes.

By the way, SiteGround’s after-sales service only covers wordpress and hardware scope, and does not support the following contents.

  • Web design
  • Help you build wordpress
  • WordPress advanced theme usage
  • Malicious code cleanup
  • Marketing promotion
  • Use of third-party plug-ins and so on

Free Security Add-Ons

SiteGround offers extra security plus those available with the WordPress manage to host for sites with all sizes and shapes. Available security add-ons include IP address blocklist, hotlink protection, Leech Protect, SpamAssassin and spam experts.

Siteground is different from other host vendors in that it has some unique security functions.

SiteGround’s server uses the latest PHP 7.3, Linux, HTTP/2 technology and account isolation. If other sites on the server have security vulnerabilities, account isolation can ensure that your site will not be negatively affected. By the way, SiteGround was a pioneer in using the account isolation mechanism. Today, most host companies are using this technology, but there are still some host companies that have not done so.

Siteground Account Isolation Protection

SiteGround also uses a complex IDS/IPS system (Hackshield) to prevent malicious robots and attackers. ModSecurity is installed on all shared servers. Security rules are updated once a week to protect you from the most common attacks.

Secondly, there are spam experts, free SSH access, hot chain protection, administrator IP identification and wordpress automatic update. You don’t have to worry about the website being attacked by DDos anymore, because there is a team behind you to help you with security management.

When wordpress and joomla CMS programs have vulnerabilities, SiteGround will patch and fix them on their own servers, which is something other wen hosting will not do at all.

Siteground hacker protection

In 2018, SiteGround has made the following achievements in security.

  • 250 Firewall Rules Added
  • 125 livepatch kernel modules added
  • Relieved 186 DDOS attacks
  • Seven million violent attacks were stopped.
  • With the anti-robot AI solution, 160 million bad robot requests are blocked every day.

Simple eCommerce Installs,wordpress hosting host, dozens of features suitable for novice self-built foreign trade website

Magneto and several other web’s top sites are powered by eCommerce application, which is simple and less challenging if you are technically inclined.

Here’s a piece of good news, this web host offers a hassle-free, one-click installation of such eCommerce application of your choice from a wide range of applications.

siteground recommended by WordPress
As shown in the above figure, SiteGround is a highly recommended hosting host in Those who have just contacted wordpress to build a website may not know that it is very difficult to obtain official approval from WordPress. There are only three such companies in the world.

Many people are able to build their own websites because of wordpress, a simple website building program. However, wordpress has a strange phenomenon, that is, VPS such as Linode, Vultr and Digital Ocean are recommended.

Speaking of which, I’m going to sweep everyone off their feet. There are two main types of hosts: managed hosting and unmanaged hosting.

Managed web hosting

  •  CPanel control panel
  • WordPress one-click installation
  • Free enterprise Mailbox, Email Account
  • SSL https + Cloudflare CDN
  • Website backup, after-sales service, safety management
  • Provide everything needed for the independent foreign trade station to enable the website to start and run smoothly.

siteground wordpress easy
Unmanaged Hosts (Bare Metal, Host Businessmen Nothing)

The advantage of using a hosting host is that you don’t have to waste time messing with the server. Many people build their own stations and are not on the right path! The most important marketing promotion is not done, and all the time is spent on VPS bare metal server management. Today’s problem and tomorrow’s problem will be reported wrong and blacked out. It is tiring to think about them.

In fact, a web hosting that is suitable for novice self-construction should have the following functions:

  •  CPanel control panel, wordpress one-click installation, server-level maintenance to manage wordpress.
  • Automatically update wordpress and plug-ins to fix common security vulnerabilities.
  • Unique supercacher Cache Plug-in, Free enterprise Mailbox, Traffic Monitoring, Email Account and Database.
  • Free SSL https, free Cloudflare CDN, free backup and Free website move.
  • If you use SiteGround, its background is as shown in the figure below. Dozens of functions are convenient for you to start foreign trade websites.
siteground cpanel home

Take wordpress installation as an example. If you use vps, you need to download the wordpress program first, upload FTP to the server space, and create a database before installation. However, if you use SiteGround, wordpress installation will become extremely simple.

First log in to your SiteGround background, click the red button Go to Cpanel in My Accounts column, then find the wordpress icon and click to go to the wordpress installation page. It is very simple.

Any website on web hosting can move to SiteGround free of risk.

Moving and transferring the website is a troublesome matter. If you make a mistake accidentally, the previous website will be ruined. People with a little common sense dare not easily change the host computer for fear of causing irreversible damage to the installation. However, these problems are not problems in SiteGround.

SiteGround provides a risk-free website to move, and it is free of charge. Compared with the website on bluehost, it costs 149 US dollars to move, which can be said to be Industry conscience. Usually their technicians will complete the whole operation within 24 to 48 hours.

siteground livechat 1
siteground livechat 2

SiteGround’s Free website move is divided into two types, one is manual service and the other is plug-in service.

  •  Manual service: GrowBig and above schemes are available.
  • Plug-in Service: All package plans are available, but only wordpress website is supported.

No matter which package you buy, the first time you log into SiteGround backstage, you will see a free move prompt.

siteground setup a new hosting account

If you skip this prompt, you can also find the move option at the Support backstage of SiteGround.

Take the SiteGround Migrator plug-in developed exclusively by SiteGroup as an example. It only takes a few clicks to complete the whole operation. This is probably the simplest method I have ever seen to move a website without any risks. The operation method starts with generating to GENERATE a token.

Siteground Use WordPressAutomigrator

After copying this token, you can install SiteGround Migrator on the website that needs to be transferred, which can be found in the official plugin database or downloaded from SiteGroup and uploaded and installed in the background.

SiteGround Migrator plugin

After installing the SiteGround Migrator plug-in and entering the previously copied token token, you can start transferring the website to make the website move. After transferring, you will send a notification email to the email box inside you filled in.

Initiate Transfer

After the website is transferred, don’t forget to do DNS domain name resolution and bind your domain name to SiteGround.

Https, CDN in Cloudflare and enterprise Mailbox will be activated with one click and will be opened free of charge.

Https, CDN and enterprise Mailbox are now standard features of websites, representing security, acceleration and communication respectively. No matter which function, it is activated by one key in SiteGround and is free!

How does https activate with one click?

1. log in cpanel background and find the Let’s Encrypt icon, as shown in the following figure.

Let's Encrypt button

2. directly select Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL, as shown in the following figure.

SiteGround is really my favorite host. From March 2018 onwards, as long as you buy it, you can get Wildcard SSL free of charge. It is safer than ordinary SSL. Only the above Growbig scheme will be available in 2017, and it will only be valid for one year.

Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL

3. Line up as shown in the following figure after installation. If it is fast, it will take a few minutes and if it is slow, it will take a few hours. If it is urgent, please contact customer service.

Siteground https requires queuing

4. Then select HTTPS Settings in Action inside and switch the two buttons in the following figure to ON.

Https Settings in siteground inside

At this point, http is perfectly switched to https. Is it very simple?

How does the Cloudflare CDN activate with one click?

If you want to open a free CDN in Cloudflare, please make a backup of the website in advance, and avoid by all means!

1. First log in to your cpanel and find Cloudflare, as shown in the figure below.

siteground cloudflare cdn

2. The setting of Cloudflare CDN is very simple. Click the icon above to enter, and you will see the following figure. Click Activate Free.
Cloudflare Free Activation

3. Click on the free activation button above, and a pop-up window will appear and fill in your common email, as shown in the figure below.

Notify cloudflare of Opening Mailboxes

4. Click the green Proceed button above, and you will receive an email from cloudflare. At the same time, you will see the following prompt, telling you that you must use a domain name starting with www to open a CDN. You will not change the prefix of the domain name to see my tutorial.

Www Prefix Required for Opening in cloudflare

5. Click Yes in the above figure, and the CDN in Cloudflare will be activated. The gray inactive will also turn into orange Activefree. Next, you can set the settings for Cloudflare.

By the way, cloudflare’s settings page opens a little slowly and needs to climb over the wall. Changing good options requires a little change to take effect. Remember! The CDN in Cloudflare is really effective in accelerating independent foreign trade stations. Instead of spending time on other optimizations, it is easier and more useful to open CDN. The opening speed of websites has at least doubled, and even domestic visits have become surprisingly fast.

How does enterprise Mailbox activate with one click?

1. First log in to your cpanel and find Email Accounts, as shown in the figure below.

2. After entering, create a enterprise Mailbox account and set your email name, password and size.

3. The newly created mail account can be accessed directly through the webpage or bound to a third-party mail client such as foxmail.

4. If you want to tie your email account to foxmail, first click Configure Email Client in the lower right corner of the picture above.

5. Next, go to foxmail to create a new account and fill in the email name and password created by SiteGround.

By the way, SiteGround enterprise Mailbox cannot send emails to qq and 163 postfix mailboxes, but there is no problem in receiving them. SiteGround’s enterprise Mailbox is really good, and the emails sent will not enter junk mailboxes.

Supercacher、SG Optimizer、Wordpress Starter

If you want to ask SiteGround what is more advanced, it must be:

  • Supercacher (Cache Acceleration)
  • SG Optimizer (website optimization plug-in)
  • WordPress Starter

Supercacher is a cache system developed exclusively by SiteGround. Attention! Not a plug-in.

The purpose of this is to store the data in the RAM of the system, allow them to access the requested information in a faster way, and send the information to the screen using the most efficient path.

Supercacher is as good as other cache plug-ins such as WP Rocket, WP FastCache and W3C TotalCache.


Supercacher has a total of 3 Levels, static, dynamic, and memory cache. The higher the level, the faster the website opens. If it is to be opened, Cpanel will find the Supercache icON in the background and click on it in turn.

SG Optimizer settings

The SG Optimizer plug-in is a wordpress optimization plug-in developed exclusively by SiteGround.

There are many things that this plug-in can do, such as managing SuperCacher, https, PHP version, GZIP compression, Browser Caching, merging JavaScript and CSS files, image compression, etc. In a word, it is very powerful.
Supercacher setting

WordPress Starter is a WordPress novice wizard plug-in developed exclusively by SiteGround.

This plug-in will be installed by default when wordpress is installed with one click. The advantage is that there are some free themes to choose from and you will be recommended to install several necessary plug-ins. However, if you want to build a better website, I does not recommend using it. However, beginners do not know anything, so it is ok to try it.

Four computer rooms on three continents, TTFB global average 148 milliseconds, SEO optimization is necessary

SiteGround has four computer rooms in the United States, Europe and Asia, Chicago, London, Amsterdam and Singapore.

SiteGround is a global host company, while bluehost and many other hosts have only one computer room in the United States.

You can check the ping/trace route and IP address of each computer room on SiteGroup’s official website to test the real speed of SiteGroup servers. This disclosure of its intellectual property rights shows SiteGroup has great confidence in their servers.

Sitgrond 4 big data center

As for how to choose the four computer rooms, Yi Deng’s suggestion is:

Using online tools such as dotcom-tools to test the server response time TTFB value of sitegroup, the test result of sitegroup is as follows, the global average is 111.5 milliseconds.

siteground ttfb

Google suggests that the server response time should not exceed 200ms. Some websites open slowly because there are problems with the server itself. No matter how you optimize and how much homework you do, it is not ideal in the end.

Therefore, if you want to do SEO optimization promotion website, it is definitely right to buy SiteGround.


Limited Storage Space

Unlike other web hosts, this provider offers a storage space that is a tad on the small size. Thus, if a larger storage space is a priority for you, then this web host may not be for you.

  •  StartUp scheme with 10GB storage space
  • GrowBig scheme with 20GB storage space
  • GoGeek solution with 30GB of storage space

However, most independent foreign trade stations, especially B2B websites, do not even use 2G.

SiteGround renewal fee will become the original price.

The renewal time of famous hosts abroad will become the original price, and bluehost and hostgator are no exception.

  •  StartUp Program-Normal Price $ 11.95/ Month-Initial Purchase (60% Discount) $ 3.95/ Month
  • GrowBig Program-Normal Price $ 19.95/ Month-Initial Purchase (60% Discount) $ 5.95/ Month
  • GoGeek program-normal price $ 34.95/ month-initial purchase (60% discount) $ 11.95/ month

SiteGround VS Bluehost, HostGator and other EIG’s web hosting

First of all, I want to make it clear that they are all good web hosting.

If your website opens slowly, please check if you are using EIG’s web hosting.

Do you know that Bluehost, HostGator, iPage, Site5, HostMonster and other large and small host companies all have the same boss, that is EIG.

EIG is widely commented on by netizens as “notorious” in the host world abroad.

EIG has a very good way of acquiring companies and dismissing employees. Many host companies belong to EIG. Because EIG demotes hardware and leaves many websites on the same server, netizens are very disgusted.

For EIG, their company’s profit is very good, so it is not suitable for you. Please purchase its mainframe carefully.

What hosts does EIG own? The following figure is a complete screenshot.

EIG companies list

VPS such as SiteGround VS Linode, Vultr, Digital Ocean, etc.

Having said EIG, I will continue with VPS. VPS is better than virtual host, because of its excellent performance, many experienced webmasters use it.

But it is not suitable for newcomers who have just come into contact with the station, because it is expensive. Isn’t the $5/month linode very cheap? Can someone ask like this!

VPS is actually divided into managed VPS and unmanaged VPS.

Hosting VPS is generally very expensive, which is in the tens of dollars per month. As long as there are brands of hosts, all have their own VPS.

However, VPS bare metal machines are generally priced as low as US$ 5 per month because they do not require the host company to be responsible for technical guidance and safety maintenance.

Common VPS bare metal machines include linode, vultr, DigitalOcean and BandwagonHost. Many friends without any technical background thought it was a big bargain to pick up. They thought they spent the lowest price to buy VPS better than the virtual host. In fact …… ah …… you know.

I don’t recommend VPS to beginners. Even if you can use WP skillfully to build a station, you may not be able to set up server management.

Unmanaged means that it does not provide any services, only provides web hosting, and solves any problems by itself. Therefore, bare metal prices are generally very cheap. Please don’t spend your time in unnecessary places. Is it not what you should do to optimize and promote it?

If you don’t know the technology and just want to build a station, please avoid using VPS bare metal. In terms of speed, it is not much faster than the SiteGround of US$ 3.95/month, but slower if not optimized.

Then why would someone ask you to use VPS bare metal, just some socks?

But what I want to tell you is, don’t pick up sesame and lose watermelon.

Should I Use SiteGround – Our Opinion

All in all, SiteGround is recommended for people who love good customer support, while not sacrificing impressive uptime and fast page speeds either.

Besides, they come with a pack of extra features, which may be just what you need, such as additional security add-ons, etc. Lastly, they offer a pricing package that should match anyone’s budget.

SiteGround hosting is specially tailored for WordPress, and if you are a WordPress user, you can easily perform most maintenance tasks. SiteGround provides you with excellent WordPress tools that you need every time you use an instance.

You can track SiteGround updates through social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+,LinkedIn). Looking at our SiteGround coupon code at the same time can help you save a lot of money.

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